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200 Hollywood D-Bags Sign Pledge To Stop Glorifying Guns .



Hollywood liberals always come off as hypocrites when then they attack our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bears arms while they are making money hand over fist glorifying guns. They are sick and tied of being called out on their bullshit so they’ve signed a meaningless pledge to be more responsible in their portrayal of firearms.

The anti-gun group now known as “Brady” has posted a pledge on their website from over 200 anti-gun liberals. Let’s have a look:

Like most of America, we are enraged by the recent mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde. Considering there have been over 250 other mass shootings so far this year, it’s an almost incomprehensible tragedy. Something needs to be done.

But there haven’t been over 250 mass shootings this year so does that mean we shouldn’t consider this bullshit pledge? Yes, it really does.

Guns are prominently featured in TV and movies in every corner of the globe, but only America has a gun violence epidemic. The responsibility lies with lax gun laws supported by those politicians more afraid of losing power than saving lives. We didn’t cause the problem, but we want to help fix it.

If Hollywood glorification of guns didn’t cause an epidemic of gun violence, then why is Hollywood going to stop glorifying guns? Also, why do these egomaniacs think anything they do will stop gun-related crime?

As America’s storytellers, our goal is primarily to entertain, but we also acknowledge that stories have the power to effect change. Cultural attitudes toward smoking, drunk driving, seatbelts and marriage equality have all evolved due in large part to movies’ and TV’s influence. It’s time to take on gun safety.

Yeah, remember all of these powerful pro-seatbelt films that literally changed the world and saved lives? The arrogance here is so thick you you need tunnel-boring equipment to cut through it.

We are not asking anyone to stop showing guns on screen. We are asking writers, directors and producers to be mindful of on-screen gun violence and model gun safety best practices. Let’s use our collective power for good.

Weirdly enough, Alec Baldwin didn’t sign this thing. 200+ liberal Hollywood elites however did. Most of them nobody has ever heard of but here’s a few I know:

J.J. Abrams – Hopefully he isn’t doing the next Star Wars film because it will suck more than normal if he got rid of blasters and light sabers.

Debbie Allen – As an aging dance choreographer she probably hasn’t done much to glorify guns.

Judd Apatow – The dude who keeps making the same RomCom over and over, which don’t have any guns in them, pledges to stop putting guns in his films. What a bold gesture.

Erin Gunn – I have no idea who this is but her name is Gunn so she’s going to have to quit the business if she doesn’t want to be accused of being full of shit.

Jimmy Kimmel – A better pledge would be for him to say he won’t do blackface anymore.

Jason Mewes – Jay of Jay and Silent Bob, who is a real-life junkie, thinks guns in movies is the real problem.

Julianne Moore – This is literally the only person on the list who has ever made a movie using a gun.

Mark Ruffalo – Hulk smash 2nd Amendment! Aaargh!!!

Amy Schumer – She needs to stop glorifying being unfunny.

Nobody who makes action films or any action stars signed this and that’s important. This is a bunch of people who don’t make movies with guns saying they are going to take it easy on the gun thing. It’s as empty of a gesture as there is.


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