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Ashley Biden’s diary is real, FBI confirmed



Last year before the election National File published Ashley Biden’s diary, where she wrote she may have been molested as a child and had inappropriate showers with her father. Today, the legitimacy of that diary has been confirmed by the New York Times and FBI, who claim her diary was ‘stolen’ before the 2020 election.

The goodish news is that the diary is REAL. So it does claim Joe Biden to be a Disgusting child molester like we knew he was. Which sucks for the poor girl. The FBI has ACKNOWLEDGED IT IS REAL.

Entries in the diary include the author revealing she believes she was sexually molested as a child and shared “probably not appropriate” showers with her father, some that detail the author’s struggle with drug abuse and the author’s crumbling marriage with multiple affairs, along with entries showing the family’s fears of a potential scandal due to her brother’s new home, and those that show a deep resentment for her father due to his money, control, and emotional manipulation.

While the vast majority of the media ignored the bombshell revelations, perhaps dismissing their verifiability, The New York Times on Friday reported that the FBI had engaged in two raids on addresses as part of an investigation into how Ashley Biden’s diary was obtained.

The diary is real. The FBI wouldn’t be raiding journalists’ homes and bringing on the scrutiny and bad optics that the move entails if the diary was fake. The NY Times seems to have verified it as well, so at this point it’s not even a question.


Download Ashley Biden’s Diary

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