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At least 26 states are reporting that half their retail stores are completely out of baby formula .


Tucker looks at the baby formula shortage in America. As usual, the White House knows exactly whom to blame, but as usual, has no real answers. Highlights include:

“At a press conference back on March 24 of this year, Joe Biden announced that thanks to the regime change war he’s decided to voluntarily wage in Easter Europe, our country, the United States, will soon face food shortages. Food shortages are ‘gonna be real’, Biden said. Now, the reporters in the room dutifully transcribed the words and wrote their stories, but you may have missed it. You may not have even heard this ‘cuz there weren’t a lot of followup pieces about these manmade food shortages that Joe Biden was predicting, and that’s weird if you think about it, because food shortages are inherently a big deal.”

“As of tonight, at least 26 states are reporting that half their retail stores are completely out of baby formula. That would include the states of Texas, Tennessee, Missouri and Iowa and many others. So, these are major population centers without enough food for newborns. In Memphis and Nashville, 52% of stores have no baby formula. Houston and Des Moines are reporting similar shortages. In San Antonio, a city with an unusually high percentage of families with small children, 57% of all stores in the city have no baby formula.”

“So, you would think the Biden administration would do something about it, and they certainly could if they wanted to. They could do anything. These are the people who claim to have the power to control global weather systems, the power to bend human biology to their will, so nothing is beyond the scope of their powers. And yet in this particular case, Joe Biden is in no hurry to fix the problem. In fact, he joked about it today.”

“Okay, so Joe Biden does not read minds, but the question is, does anyone at the White House read newspapers, or watch television news? Supplies of baby formula were down at least 20% as far back as January. That was not hidden knowledge, it was public knowledge. It was out there, if you were looking.”

“’We were aware … back in February … we have had a team on this from the FDA and interagency process since then.’ Okay, so Joe Biden has been on this problem since February, so why is it still a problem? Why is it still impossible to buy baby formula in stores in San Antonio tonight? Well, the White House has an answer for that, too, and the answer is greedy mothers. They’re the problem … Counter-revolutionary moms in this country are undermining America’s baby formula supply. They’re ‘hoarding baby formula.’”

“It’s your fault, America’s moms, you and your piggish little babies, always thoughtlessly eating, eating,eating. Show some patriotic restraint and stop buying so much food for your kids, you greedy wreckers. That’s the White House position on the baby formula shortage.”

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