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Biden Furious About Disrespect From Staff… Reminds Them That “He’s The One Who is President”


In an NBC article, anonymous sources – including current and former administration officials, lawmakers, and congressional aides – shared information that revealed Joe Biden’s insecurities as President and his frustrations with the increasingly negative way he is viewed by Americans.

As crises continue to emerge nationwide, including heightened gas prices, record inflation, a baby formula shortage, and, most recently, a school shooting, Biden’s frustration increases.

As his approval ratings plummet, Biden blames outside factors for his unpopularity. He reportedly complains that Republicans aren’t facing enough blame for legislative gridlock in Congress, and blames his own party for not defending him enough on television.

According to the NBC piece, “Biden has vented to aides about not getting credit from Americans or the news media for actions he believes have helped the country, particularly the economy.”


As Biden blames Democrats and Republicans for his woes, Democrats and Republicans are both blaming the White House for the problems they are facing.

One Democrat Rep. for Florida, Stephanie Murphy, has publically spoken of her party’s ongoing struggles in the current political arena.

“If I sound frustrated, it’s because I hear from my constituents,” said Murphy. “They’re struggling. This is not a time for political games. It’s not the time for finding bogeymen.”

A spokeswoman for Murphy reported that she hasn’t been able to speak with a senior White House official about policy in six months. However, a White House official claimed that Murphy has been in “very regular contact with our staff here.”

Breakdowns in the management of Biden’s administration have contributed to the frustration felt by Biden. It was initially thought that Biden would have an easy time running his administration since he has spent so much time in public office. However, it seems there have been many issues within the White House staff that have made Biden’s time in office even more difficult.

Biden has been facing significant backlash over his lack of action to fix the baby formula shortage that is sweeping the nation. The President has pushed back on this criticism, claiming that he wasn’t told about this crisis until just last month, once it had already become a major problem.

Aside from a lack of communication, another major problem that Biden is facing is that his aides continue to contradict his public statements, a common occurrence that many Republicans often bring up as evidence that Biden is not fit to lead our country if he can’t even be trusted to speak for himself.

Biden has reportedly complained to advisers that this “clean-up campaign” undermines him in front of the American people and calls his authority into question.

For example, Biden’s authority was questioned and mocked worldwide after Biden said that Russian President Putin “cannot remain in power,” a statement which was quickly walked back by aides who immediately jumped into ‘damage control’ mode.

This incident – the likes of which has repeatedly occurred – angered Biden because he realized his remarks are beginning to be viewed as unreliable. He reportedly reminded his staff that he is the one who is president and that he is to be allowed to speak genuinely – despite the threat his ad-libbing may pose to the American people.

As Biden feels he is losing his reputability among the American public, he faces continued frustration with his slipping ratings.

Regarding Biden’s abysmal approval ratings, one source close to the White House reported, “He’s now lower than Trump, and he’s really twisted about it.”

To mend his ratings, Biden has tried to travel outside of Washington (and the U.S.) more. However, on his trips, many Americans confront him and ask why he isn’t able to get more done for the country’s suffering economy.

A senior advisor to Sen. Bernie Sanders, Faiz Shakir, addressed his bleak vision for the future of the current Democratic party. “We’re on a track – a losing track,” said Shakir.


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