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Biden Gets $2.6 Billion For ‘Gender Equality’ In Spending Bill


The world is on fire, people can afford food or gas, and everything has gone to shit because of Joe Biden. Don’t worry, folks, the illegitimate president has a plan to fix all of the destruction he has caused. In the new bloated spending bill, Joe has gotten $2.6 billion to promote gender equality. Everything’s gonna be fine.

The House passed a massive $1.5 trillion omnibus spending package on Wednesday night to fund the government for another shitty year under Biden. None of that money is going to fix anything that’s currently wrong with the country but, as The Hill reports, some of those dollars will make sure women feel included:

President Biden will request $2.6 billion for foreign assistance programs that promote general equality worldwide, he announced on International Women’s Day on Tuesday.

The funds will be part of his fiscal 2023 budget request to Congress and will double the amount requested for gender programs last year.

“On this day and every day, let us recognize that all of us have a better future when women and girls can reach their full potential — and together, let’s renew our efforts to advance dignity, equality, and limitless possibilities for all,” Biden said in a statement.

So women can’t currently reach their potential? Someone should tell Kamala Harris because she’s a functional idiot and the illegitimate vice president of the United States. Her actual potential, given her lack of talent and appeal, is Waffle House waitress and there she is, a heartbeat away from the White House.

“Ensuring that every woman and girl has that chance isn’t just the right thing to do — it’s also a strategic imperative that advances the prosperity, stability, and security of our nation and the world,” said Biden.

I think I’ve found a flaw in Joe’s logic: If women can’t currently reach their potential and without women reaching their potential there is no prosperity, that means the United States has never been prosperous before. Things were going pretty good in this country before Joe took over so I’m going to call bullshit on this one.

How do you even promote gender equality and why does it cost $2.6 billion? Couldn’t Biden just say gender equality is good, as he just did, and then it has been promoted? That’s totally free, bro.

Democrats don’t like doing things that are easy and cheap. They way they operate is: invent a problem, throw money at it, and then complain that they need more money because the fictitious problem still isn’t fixed yet.

The biggest issue with this is that Biden has already achieved gender equality and it didn’t cost the taxpayers one cent. He sniffs and gropes women just as much as he creeps on little boys. It don’t get any more equal than that.

If the House spending bill is for $1.5 trillion, it’s safe to assume that half of that is bullshit. As this thing heads to the Senate, I would hope that Republicans would flat out reject it. We’re in the inflation mess we are right now because Congress (the democrats) keep passing these bloated spending bills. You literally cannot spend your way out of inflation.


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