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Biden’s 2023 Budget Includes $7.5 Billion To Put A Woman Of Color On The Moon.


Biden’s 2023 Budget Includes $7.5 Billion To Put A Woman Of Color On The Moon

Joe Biden said he was only gong to consider a woman of color as his running mate. He also said he would only consider a woman of color for the Supreme Court. He ended up with scatterbrained Kamala Harris as his illegitimate vp and child porn supporter Ketanji Brown Jackson as his SCOTUS nominee. Biden is also vowing to send a woman of color to the moon but given his track record, can this be anything other than a disaster?

Biden released his 2023 wish-list budget that I sincerely hope gets used for toilet paper rather than passed. Check out this racially-charged expenditure:

Enhances U.S. Human Spaceflight Leadership. The Budget provides $7.5 billion, $1.1 billion above the 2021 enacted level, for Artemis lunar exploration. Artemis would re- turn American astronauts to the Moon as early as 2025, land the first woman and person of color on the Moon, deepen the Nation’s scientific understanding of the Moon, and test technologies that would allow humans to safely and sustainably explore Mars. Lunar landing missions would also include astronauts from international partners.

He wants to turn NASA into the National Affirmative Action Space Agency. You’d think a guy with so much first hand experience with bad racial quota hires would wise up. Then again, he is senile.

The only way I could support this is if this is Joe’s plan to get rid of Kamala Harris. $7.5 billion to shoot Kackling Kamaltoe into space for ever is totally worth it.

While Biden is committed to sending a woman of color to the moon, he (or his handlers) realize their aren’t a lot of black female astronauts out there so he plans on wasting even more money to “fix” that issue:

Broadens Participation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The Budget provides $150 million, $23 million above the 2021 enacted level, for NASA’s Office of STeM engagement in order to attract diverse groups of students to STeM through learning opportunities that spark interest and provide connections to NASA’s mission and work. This effort includes targeted engagement of underserved populations, including underserved students and people of color.

Here’s $150 million, black women, hurry up and become astronauts!

Like all of Biden’s previous plans, this one wasn’t thought through.

Here’s a fair question: Isn’t it unconstitutional to budget money specifically for black people? I mean, you couldn’t commit specific funds that only go to white people or Asians, right? How can Biden dump $7.65 billion dollars on programs only open to people of color? The answer is, he can’t because the Constitution guarantees that everyone has equal protection under the law.

Due to the guilt he has over his lifetime of racism and misogyny, Biden seems intent on being the guy that establishes the first woman of color in everything. Putting one on the moon is a bit ambitious for someone chews on his wife’s finger and tells reporters that his butt has been wiped, so he should start out smaller.

Maybe establish the first woman of color to tip the pizza guy or the first woman of color to shut the hell up in movie theater. I’m sure he’d still need billions of taxpayer dollars to waste on these endeavors but they seem a little more doable.


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