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CNN: Biden’s Approval Is Lower Than Trump’s At This Point In His Presidency


Joe “I am the Democratic Party” Biden’s numbers are cratering, and he’s dragging down his entire party.  It’s so bad that even CNN, usually Democrat cheerleaders and fanbois, are taking note.

Real Clear Politics reports:

CNN’s Harry Enten outlines new polls from Quinnipiac and NBC showing that Joe Biden has a lower approval rating than Donald Trump did at this point in his presidency, breaking Trump’s record for lowest ever recorded.

“It was always a thing, ‘Donald Trump had the lowest approval rating at this point in his presidency,’ we did it over and over and over and over again,” Enten recalled. “At this point in his presidency, Donald Trump’s average approval rating is actually one point higher than Joe Biden’s which is 41%. Donald Trump at 42%. For a first-term president at this point in his presidency, this is the lowest.”

“This is the lowest for anyone who was elected to the presidency and didn’t get there through the vice presidency.”

“Joe Biden at this point, minus 23 points. That is the worst on record since they started asking about economic job approval ratings back in 1978 with Jimmy Carter,” Enten said.

Given the media cover the Biden administration has received, particularly with regard to the Hunter Biden scandals that implicate “the big guy” and with inflation first “transitory” and now “Putin’s,” it’s quite astounding that Biden’s numbers are so abysmal.

It’s also worth noting that the comparison between President Trump’s approval and the Biden numbers is an unfair one given the horrific treatment of President Trump by the Democrat propagandists in the media (not the least of which was the Russia, Russia, Russia lunacy that ended up being completely false . . . and they all knew it all along).

Not only did the media and Democrats hammer Trump with false accusations and partisan witch hunt impeachment proceedings (twice), but they failed to report on his many outstanding successes and accomplishments. The media malpractice during Trump’s first term was jaw-dropping, and it’s quite stunning that, with all Trump had working against him, his numbers didn’t dip lower.

While Trump was buoyed even through the most outrageous attacks by the solid support of a huge base who did not believe the lies being told about him by Democrats, the media, or the deeply-embedded Executive branch/civil service “resistance,” Biden has no base that will keep his numbers from hitting rock bottom.

Have Democrats noticed the difference between the way Trump was battered and unfairly assailed with lie after lie and how Biden is given pass after pass for his incompetence, fecklessness, and inability to do his job. Do they understand that Biden has not relentlessly been called a liar, a puppet of foreign governments, an authoritarian, or a racist (though, arguably, he’s all those things), and he has not been impeached (twice), yet his numbers are this low? He doesn’t need 24/7 the “walls are closing” breathless “reporting” from the CIA and FBI via their slack-jawed media lackeys. Biden has earned his historically low approval ratings with his astoundingly bad policy, policies that undermine America and Americans at every possible turn.

There is no indication at all that Biden is going to move to the center or consider America first rather than dead last. Because of this stubborn refusal to accept the profound rejection of his policy and outcomes and to switch gears, Biden’s numbers may well hit the 20s or even the teens. That number would reflect the tiny segment of the population he is attempting to please by infuriating, embarrassing daily, and causing great economic pain and hardship to the rest of us.


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