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CNN identifies the #ackchyual threat to our justices


Tucker looks at the early results of that recent Supreme Court decision leak, threats of violence from the peace-loving left, also global warming distractions and escalating war with Russia. Highlights include:

“Joe Biden has turned out to be an unparalleled disaster. It’s not an overstatement, in fact it’s a generous assessment. Barely fifteen months into his first term as president, Biden has crashed the stock market, provoked a food shortage, opened our borders to millions of illegal aliens, presided over historic rises in murder, inflation and drug ODs — as well as a corresponding plunge in overall life expectancy.”

“And then, because all of that wasn’t punitive enough for a country as racist as ours, dragged the United States into an entirely pointless war with a nuclear armed power, on behalf of a corrupt foreign government that once bribed his drug addicted son. That’s all real. Joe Biden did all of that.”

“Joe Biden is old enough, unfortunately, that he’ll most never certainly be held accountable over any of what he’s done, but his party should be. How will any democrat outside West Hollywood ever get elected in this country again? In a fully functioning democracy, that would be an honest question. But Biden has a plan, to work up the fear, ban complaining, criminalize the opposition. Just 24 hours ago, Joe Biden, the president of the United States, told us that people who don’t support him are the single biggest security threat that faces this country.”

“Not Al Qaeda, not the Chinese military, not the Mexican drug cartels, not even Russia, which we are told daily is the wellspring of all evil. No, you, you’re the biggest threat because you don’t vote democrat.”

“It’s hard to believe Joe Biden said that, but he did say it, and of course, some people believed him. Here’s what the Supreme Court looks like tonight. You’ll notice the riot grade security fencing around the building. Why is it there? Well, it’s there to protect the justices inside from the mobs that Joe Biden has incited with the demagoguery you just heard. Samuel Alito is a 72-year-old legal scholar whose views would’ve been considered ordinary, mainstream, maybe 5 years ago.”

“Now, according to Joe Biden, he’s a dangerous extremist. He’s a member of a movement more threatening than any political movement in American history. What’s the result? Well, today Alito had to cancel a public appearance because there were too many threats on his life. Each one of those threats is, in fact, a threat to us and our country. You don’t want to live in a country where Supreme Court justices cower in fear for their lives if they reach the ‘wrong’ conclusion, that’s the definition of a failed state… Under Joe Biden, the DOJ is too beholden to the mob to say a word about it.”

“Well, of course, the greatest threat is global warming, which by the way, is racist, like so many other weather patterns. That’s what Merrick Garland is most afraid of tonight. And in order to fix global warming, which is ‘existential’, whatever that means, you’re going to have to hand Merrick Garland and Joe Biden a lot more power over your life.. But, for now here’s what you should know. Merrick Garland didn’t even mention the threats, the physical threats to this country’s highest court because those threats come from the left, and therefore aren’t really threats.”

“And so, of course, under these conditions, violence is already beginning Abortion lunatics just vandalized a church in Colorado. The same thing has happened to a pro-life counseling center in Portland, Oregon. In Los Angeles, demonstrators threw rocks at cops, for some reason. What do they have to do with it? Who knows?”

“But Merrick Garland isn’t worried about any of that. His fellow democrats support that, they’re calling for it, they long have.”

“’You will pay the price’ — really? These are people with lifetime appointments, so how exactly could they ‘pay the price’? We can’t vote against them, what can we do? We can hurt them, we can harass their families. We can make it impossible to live in this country through threats of violence. ‘You won’t know what hit you’ said the thug from New York. Apparently, they’re about to learn what’s going to hit them. Remember when liberals used to oppose violence? They did… In any case, they’re now for it. Violence is their religion. Here, and abroad, you’re seeing it on display right in front of you…”

“Why are they doing this, and more baffling, why are they taking credit for it in public? Why would you tell people you’re doing it? There’s only one reason, because you want war with Russia. Not a fake war, not a proxy war, but a real war with thousand of American troops, trillions wasted, and many dead, that’s what war is. And war against nuclear armed countries is hard to imagine, there’s never been one.”

“There’s no reason to have a war like this, there doesn’t need to be a war like this. We wouldn’t be having one if Joe Biden didn’t want one, but Biden wants it. He’s doing this on purpose. We’re not imagining that, he’s telling us what he’s doing, we’re just ignoring him.”

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