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Colorado Police hail heroes who took down suspect during nightclub shooting


The Colorado Springs Police Department identified the five victims who were killed at an LGBTQ nightclub shooting Saturday and praised the heroes who took the alleged killer down.

Police Chief Adrian Vasquez spoke at a press conference where he listed the victims’ names: Kelly Loving, 40; Daniel Aston, 28; Derrick Rump, Ashley Paugh, 35; and Raymond Green.

Authorities said that the men who took down the shooter were Thomas James and Richard Fiero, who is a decorated Army veteran. The police chief referred to the men as heroes.

“Often society loses track of the victims of these sad and tragic events,” Vasquez said during the press conference. “In all the talk about the suspect, we strive to give the victims the dignity and respect that they deserve, as well as shine the light of public attention on the victims.”

Anderson Lee Aldrich, age 22, is the suspect the authorities have identified as responsible for the shooting, according to Fox News. Aldrich was charged with five counts of first degree murder and is currently in the hospital with unspecified injuries, according to police.

Police confirmed that Aldrich is the same person who was arrested in 2021 after his mother reported he threatened her with a homemade bomb and other weapons. Police were questioned as to why authorities didn’t move to take away his guns using Colorado’s “red flag” laws when he was arrested. They said that no explosives were found. District Attorney Michael Allen “acknowledged Colorado’s ‘restrictive sealing laws,’ whereby cases filed in a courtroom in the state of Colorado and are dismissed are automatically sealed.”

According to Allen, once the suspect is out of the hospital he will have his first court appearance scheduled.


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