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Convicted murderer who served 29 years now works at State Attorney’s Office


PRINCE GEORGES COUNTY, MD – A convicted murderer who served 29 years in prison is now employed at the Prince Georges County State Attorney’s Office. The reason he was hired was to help him transition back to society.

Working for any criminal justice agency requires you to complete a criminal background check before you can be hired.

Usually, any type of criminal convictions would preclude you from being hired, especially for a significant violent offense…unless it is the Prince Georges State Attorney’s Office.

Convicted murderer, Arthur Miles, was found guilty of murdering a pizza delivery drive in Largo, Maryland when he was a teenager. Miles spent 29 years behind bars until being released and allowed to work for the State Attorney’s Office.

Fox 5’s Sierra Fox spoke with the Prince Georges County State Attorney Aisha Braveboy about Miles’ employment.

She said that she hired him as part of a re-entry court program that will help Miles transition back to society now that he has been released from prison. State Attorney Braveboy told Fox:

“Mr. Miles and everyone else deserves an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being a returning citizen and he and others like him have proven that redemption and restoration is real.”

When asked about the requirements of having a clean criminal background to work for the State Attorney’s Office, Braveboy said:

“It really just depends on how – whether or not the individual is in a position – meaning that they have no further relationship in our office in terms of whether or not they’re going through any type of court process.

“So as long as they are no longer involved in an active case in our office, Prince Georges County doors are open to all individuals, residents of the county who want to contribute to our community.”

State Attorney Braveboy then noted that Miles does not have access to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) but stopped short of actually noting his exact job other to say that he does entry-level clerical work.

That work could range, according to Fox News, from answering phones to handling evidence and records.

Robert Biddle, who is Miles’ attorney, spoke to Fox News about his client working for the State Attorney. He said that Miles was qualified to do so because of a lengthy program he took part in while incarcerated. Biddle said:

“Mr. Miles was the first – to my knowledge – juvenile lifer to be evaluated to get admitted to that program and accepted to that program. And prior to him working in the State Attorney’s Office – he went through that entire program and did an outstanding job.

“He was monitored extremely carefully, so this is not a situation where someone walked out of prison and into the State Attorney’s Office to work there.

He went through a grueling, detailed, I would compare it to evaluating people to be astronauts, program to be evaluated to be released, and he was selected among many candidates.”

Miles was originally arrested for his involvement in a botched robbery that left a Domino’s Pizza delivery man deceased. In 1990, Miles ordered a pizza to be delivered at a vacant residence with the plans of robbing him when he arrived.

When the pizza delivery man arrived, Miles attempted to rob him but for some reason the robbery turned violent. The pizza deliver man was shot once in the chest and died from his wounds.

Governor Newsom has ordered the transfer of death row inmates from San Quentin to various prisons throughout the state.

He plans on transforming the death row area of the prison into something innovative that will help with rehabilitating the death row inmates.

Governor Newsom has said previously that he is against the death penalty and would like to see it abolished.

Because of his belief, he issued a moratorium on executions in the state in 2019, which, was not really necessary since the state has not followed through on executions since 2006.

The process of mainstreaming death row inmates began during a pilot program in 2020 and so far has seen a total of 116 condemned prisoners transferred. One of those violent criminals, Timothy Joseph McGhee, was sent from death row to the general population.

According to CityWatch, McGhee was suspected in the murder of as many as 20 different people and the attempted murder of two Los Angeles Police officers from the Northeast Division.

McGhee was convicted of three homicides and sentenced to death.

McGhee has also shown himself to be violent while on death row as he allegedly attempted to kill two Correctional Officers with a shank after his shower – and he participated in a riot.

Despite McGhee’s violence, authorities transferred him from death row and he is now in the general population of one of the prisons.

CityWatch spoke to two different newspapers regarding McGhee’s release from death row and placement in the general population. They wrote:

“One of the writers who wrote extensively on McGhee stated ‘he is just plain evil, it was a thrill for him when he killed people.’ One source stated that McGhee is now a validated Mexican Mafia Associate and continues to be a major shot caller and has a lot of control over the Toonerville gang.”

According to the California Department of Corrections, people like McGhee would not be sent into the general population.

They said that all death row inmates who are transferred into the general population of other prisons are “carefully screened” so that they can “determine” if they are capable of safely participating in the program.

Clearly, at least in McGhee’s case, this has not been done as he has shown a propensity of violence while he has been incarcerated. One has to wonder how many violent condemned prisoners like McGhee have been moved into the general population and injured and/or killed other inmates or jail guards as a result.

California Department of Corrections spokeswoman Vicky Waters denies that there have been any such interactions between death row inmates, officers, and the general population. She said:

“There have been no safety concerns, and no major disciplinary issues have occurred.”

Instead of prison cells, the death row inmate area will be transformed into areas that will serve as rehabilitation areas. Waters said:

“We are starting the process of closing death row to repurpose and transform that current housing units [cells] into something innovative and anchored in rehabilitation.”

While several people applaud this move, there are others like Nina Salarno Besselman, the president of Crime Victims United, who are angered with the move. Besselman notes the ballot measure in 2016 in which voters in California approved keeping the death penalty as an option. She said:

“This governor has been usurping the law for years with his moratorium, and in doing so pouring salt in the wounds of victims…It’s disgusting.”



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