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Covid Restrictions Dropping Around the World


Shangri I’m becoming more and more convinced that a two-level society will evolve. OOH, you have the people who believe everything and continue to mask. OTOH, you have people who look starkly at the accelerating death count (excess mortality rate) and realize they were duped into accepting an injurious injection.Governments will continue attempting change via their top-down, heavy-handed style. I think a great segment within the latter group will simply disappear into their own communities and ignore government protocols. Ignoring a government, much as Biden is currently being ignored by his own party, disables them.

Some, like Max Igan, believe that we’ll all be hooked up to The Internet of Things. I love Max, but I’ve recently come to the conclusion that so many people… so many people …are waking up to the chicanery and lies perpetrated by governments that the Great Reset, in current form, has very little chance of succeeding. They have badly mishandled their attempt. Will future Resets be attempted? Very likely. Don’t forget that mRNA actually changes an individual’s DNA and is passed on to progeny. [Link] Who knows how highly manipulated such future human genomes will become.

In actual fact, news, opinions, and recent research on all matters continue unabated via alternative platforms, and we still have people connected to the truths of individual sovereignty and freedom. They believe in freedom and sovereignty of the individual and constitute a powerful force currently on this planet.

The strength and ever-expanding voice of people educating, awakening, and alerting is staggering. Absolutely staggering.

I listed a few under comments on Max’s latest video, but I did such an injustice to the many I didn’t/couldn’t list. They are legion. These voices are determined, vocal, and pissed off. Look at Malone’s recent call to doxx everyone in every country who graduated from WEF and attempts to implement the Great Reset.

The caveat is that Western society is fracturing. Those peoples and countries dependent on the U.S. dollar as world currency will be hurt. The reason the U.S. will lose world hegemony will stem from losing world currency status.


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