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Democrats Want To Arrest Trump


The illegal arrest and “show trial” conviction of Steve Bannon is really the dress rehearsal for the illegal arrest of President Trump by the Biden regime before the 2024 election — if new reports from the Washington Post and NBC News are accurate.

Democrats were hoping to dent Trump’s popularity with the January 6th Unselect Committee televised hearings but nobody’s watching it (outside Washington) and nobody cares. Since that gambit has failed, Democrats seem to think that arresting President Trump on bogus charges and trying him in a kangaroo court is their only remaining option.

We have entered a brave new world where only Republicans will be punished for breaking the law by the federal government — a fact so obvious that even centrist Democrats are disgusted by our two-tiered justice system.

Notice that Steve Bannon is “convicted” last week — and this week, suddenly there’s a massive DOJ investigation of President Trump announced by the Washington Post.

It’s all about the timing.

Speaking of people who don’t want to run against Trump in an election but would rather stab him in the back, Mike Pence was also mentioned in the Washington Post. The article noted that Pence and his key aides are helping Democrats to get rid of President Trump too:

Many elements of the sprawling Jan. 6 criminal investigation have remained under wraps. But in recent weeks the public pace of the work has increased, with a fresh round of subpoenas, search warrants and interviews. Pence’s former chief of staff, Marc Short, and lawyer, Greg Jacob, appeared before the grand jury in downtown Washington in recent days, according to the people familiar with the investigation. Both men declined to comment.

When Mike Pence’s aides are not cooperating with Democrats on illegal committees, they’re appearing on Fox News to detail Mike Pence’s “vision for the future” which Mike Pence cannot be bothered to detail himself.

What’s Mike Pence’s vision for the future, you ask? Well, according to his chief aide Marc Short, Mike Pence’s “vision for the future” is that he will need to lay out his vision for the future — you know — one day soon.

No, I’m not kidding. That’s an exact quote.

I think that Pence has been very consistent and every campaign to say we need to have a vision. When we don’t have a vision then the people perish is what he often cites in a biblical passage. And you can go back to his record when he was House Conference Chair in 2010. I think a lot of Republicans thought we were going to win that election, but Mike was the one saying we need to lay out a vision of what we’re going to do. He did it when he ran for governor and he was very vocal in the campaign in 2016 with Trump to say we need to lay out our vision on border security, on trade, on judges. And so I think this is very consistent. (Italics mine)

That’s the admirable and empty wisdom of Mike Pence in a nutshell!

Not so coincidentally — on the same day that the Washington Post published its article, AG Merrick Garland climbed into the interview chair with NBC anchor Lester Holt to prepare the American public for the Biden regime’s attempt to permanently seize power in Washington.

Why should Democrats run against Republicans in elections, when they can simply arrest them on phony charges for fake crimes?

Two days ago, Senator Chuck Grassley disclosed in a letter to the FBI that whistleblowers have contacted him to allege that FBI agents are covering up for Hunter Biden and the crimes documented on his infamous laptop by falsely labeling it “disinformation.” (Read the entire letter here.) In other words, federal law enforcement agencies have been “institutionally corrupted to their very core” in the words of Senator Grassley.

It also turns out that the lead FBI agent for the Russiagate investigation is the same lead agent for the Hunter Biden investigation! His name: Brian Auten.

Meanwhile, another FBI agent named Timothy Thibault has been accused of improperly closing a second investigation into Hunter Biden one month before the 2020 election. Not so coincidentally, Agent Thibault was also assigned to investigate election fraud in 2020 — in case you’re wondering why nothing has been done about combating election fraud!

Here’s Thibault trying to win some sort of internal FBI award for worst video performance.

Squint a little bit more for us, Tim!

Apparently, the role of the FBI is to constantly interfere in America’s elections. Our national security state has not only gone rogue — but it seems to want to operate the federal government without the consent of the American people. Washington DC has become a sort of autonomous zone that’s totally independent of the constitutional republic. Our politicians pump money into the Ukraine, while you go broke paying for gasoline and groceries. Neither party seems particularly concerned about it.

They don’t want your consent — they want your obedience.

The Biden regime is turning America into a banana republic.

Are Democrats ready to arrest their political opponents? Are they ready to seize power? Are they ready to set themselves up as dictators?

We are about to find out.


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