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Deputy DA: Gascon has created a “ticking time bomb” by releasing violent offenders


LOS ANGELES, CA – Embattled liberal Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon has created a “ticking time bomb” by releasing juveniles convicted of murder back onto the streets, according to one of his deputy district attorneys.

The deputy district attorney feels that this is just one of the many reasons why he will eventually be recalled.

Gascon has been taking heat since he was elected to serve as the District Attorney for Los Angeles.

Those who oppose Gascon’s liberal approach on enforcing the laws are now sounding the alarm that the situation in the county is about to get worse because of Gascon’s “blanket policy” of releasing criminals who had been convicted of violent felonies, including murder, as a juvenile often without any transfer hearings from occurring.

State voters approved the measure, known as Proposition 57, in 2016 which required every juvenile who was convicted in adult court to receive a transfer hearing in juvenile court.

However, instead of participating in those hearings, Gascon’s office refuses to participate which causes the inmate to automatically be released back onto the streets, something that Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Jon Hatami believes is creating a “ticking time bomb.”

Hatami spoke to Fox News Digital media recently about his claim, stating:

“When you release dangerous criminals who are murderers at the age of 25, when you don’t present any evidence to a judge, when you don’t consider if this individual was dangerous while in prison, and you just released the individual.

Yeah, that becomes a ticking time bomb. And at a certain point, that person is going to victimize somebody else. And so, George Gascon should really think about that.”

Reflecting on the possibilities of any negative consequences to his policies does not seem to be something Gascon considers according to Hatami. He said:

“He [Gascon] just doesn’t really care. And it’s sad because the job of a district attorney is to fight for the victims and their family, is to make sure there’s accountability, to make sure that there is justice, and to make sure that the public is safe so this individual doesn’t get out for somebody else.”

Hatami’s warning comes as news broke that Gascon’s recall efforts appear to have fallen short of the number needed to force the special election.

That means that he will remain in office unless the organizers of the recall effort are able to show almost 50,000 signatures that were deemed defective were actually legitimate. Hatami said:

“I’m incredibly saddened and disappointed by today’s news. My heart breaks for the victims, their families, and the entire county of L.A.

However, the fight for justice, public safety and doing the right thing isn’t over. It will just take a little longer. I will always be proud of all the hard work of the families and volunteers.”

While Hatami and supporters of the recall believe it is only a matter of time until Gascon is removed from office, Gascon himself claims that he has a lot of support from the public and his office.

When questioned by Fox News about the large number of prosecutors who have spoken out against him and his policies, he claimed that his prosecutors reported to him that they were bullied and “badgered” to voice their support of the recall efforts.

Gascon told Fox 11:

“Even when there was a vote of no confidence, I happen to know a lot of people called me and reached out to me and said they were being badgered. If they had not responded they were being singled out they were being harassed in the workplace.”



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