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DeSantis Announces Election Police Force To Stop Vote Rigging



Ron DeSantis announced yesterday a new police force that will prevent election rigging in Florida.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis held a presser in Palm Beach this morning to announce the formation of a new election integrity unit to address election issues.

Florida Politics reported:

Gov. Ron DeSantis hopes to create an election-fraud investigation office as part of another proposed election law package, the follow-up to legislation currently facing legal challenges.

During a rally in West Palm Beach on Wednesday, the morning after Election Day, the Governor told supporters he seeks another “election integrity” measure.

DeSantis’ proposal includes establishing a statewide law enforcement office to investigate and prosecute election crimes and fraud. Local law enforcement offices don’t always enforce election crimes, the Governor complained, because of apathy, workload, or lack of experience.

“If someone’s ballot harvesting, you report it to these people, and this is their sole job,” DeSantis said.

Also on his wish list is increasing the penalty for breaking the new “ballot harvesting” law from a misdemeanor to a third-degree felony.

DeSantis went on to talk about a number of items including the economy. He said:

A recession is when your neighbor loses his job.  A depression is when you lose yours.  A recovery is when Dr. Fauci loses his.  He’s been wrong time and again.  His policies have been damaging to tens of millions of people.  And we know what the NIH has been doing, is cruelty to animals, with what they’re doing to these beagles and these puppies.  I’m sorry our tax dollars should not be going to that, and I think the whole lot of them need to be cleaned out and we need to figure out what’s going on.

DeSantis then discussed what Florida is doing in keeping speech free by standing up to Big Tech and then thanked people for the prayers and support for his wife who is battling cancer.

Then DeSantis called “the Biden, the Brandon Administration” at the 15:10 minute mark and the crowd broke out with “Let’s Go Brandon” cheers.

Citizen Free Press added:

DeSantis announced today he is creating a new police unit to pursue election crimes full-time and wants lawmakers to enhance penalties for those who cheat when they vote.

It will be called the Office of Election Crimes and Security.

“I guarantee you this: The first person that gets caught, no one is going to want to do it again after that,” DeSantis said in describing the deterrent he hopes to create with the new investigative office.

DeSantis also called on the GOP-controlled Legislature to put additional restrictions on the use of drop boxes.  “I don’t even think we should have drop boxes.”

“If someone’s ballot harvesting, you report it to these people and this is their sole job.  Some of these counties, some of them will do the cases but that’s not their expertise. They got all these other crimes that they have to deal with. So by the time it happens, the election’s already over.”

Conservative Treehouse wrote:

Okay, this is funny. While speaking to an audience in West Palm on Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis referred to the Biden Administration as the “Brandon Administration.” Immediately the crowd erupted and the chant began “Let’s go Brandon.”

While leftist Democrats continue clinging to the crazy, Florida gets more red every day.


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