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DeSantis Receives Ovation After Stumping Reporter Who Used Liberals’ Words to Describe Bill Banning ‘Classroom Discussion About Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity’ Through 3rd Grade


Florida GOP Gov Ron DeSantis received an ovation during a press conference today after he stumped a reporter who used liberals’ words to describe a bill that would ban “classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity” through the 3rd grade.

Incredibly, the reporter, WFLA News Channel 8’s Evan Donovan, tweeted a clip of the interaction, which was mocked by conservatives.

DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw replied, “This is an awesome clip Evan, one of the best moments of the press conference today. Thanks for posting it!”



Libs of Tik Tok responded by telling Donovan, “You posted the clip… of yourself getting burned…” along with a clown face emoji and a laughing face emoji.



Donovan said in the tweet, “JUST NOW: I asked @GovRonDeSantis if he supported HB 1557, the legislation critics call the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.”

DeSantis shot down the suggestion that the bill makes it so that people can’t say “gay,” rather he notes that sexual terminology shouldn’t be part of the curriculum at such a young age.

After DeSantis leveled the reporter, he received an ovation from some in the room including those standing behind him.

As we previously reported, the highest-ranking statewide Democrat Nikki Fried, who is also running for governor, trashed DeSantis yesterday in a series of tweets after he defended the Parental Rights in Education bill at a press conference Friday.

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