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Don’t let Mary Poppins act fool you: ‘Disinformation’ board will target open border critics and more


WASHINGTON, DC- As always with the left, when they’re showing you a shiny object in one hand, make sure to look at what they’re holding in the other. Such is the case of the new “Disinformation Governance Board,” otherwise known as the “Ministry of Truth.”

While most have been distracted by the unhinged loon tapped to head the board, a wanna-be Mary Poppins named Nina Jankowicz, the true purposes behind this new bureaucracy has been uncovered by Revolver News.

Clearly, anyone who values privacy and the guarantees granted for free speech under the First Amendment has been rightfully outraged by the announcement of this “truth” board and the mere existence of same. However what is getting lost in the outrage is what this board is truly designed to do.

Lost in the kerfuffle of the board’s creation were the so-called reasons it was being created for. The first is to deal with so-called “Russian disinformation,” the favorite boogeyman of the leftist ruling class. The second reason given was so-called “irregular migration.” Not illegal migration, “irregular” migration. Weird, right?

According to the AP:

A newly formed Disinformation Governance Board announced Wednesday will immediately begin focusing on misinformation aimed at migrants, a problem that has helped to fuel sudden surges at the U.S. southern border in recent years. Human smugglers often spread misinformation around border policies to drum up business.

Last September, for example, confusion around President Joe Biden’s immigration policies combined with messages shared widely across the Haitian community on Meta’s Facebook and WhatsApp platforms led some of the 14,000 migrants to the border town of Del Rio, Texas, where they set up camp. Some were ultimately expelled and were flown out of the U.S.

So one needs to wonder, why the change in verbiage from undocumented migrants to “irregular migrants?” In fact, the term “irregular migrants” has not been heard until very recently, Revolver notes.

They further identify the fact that the Department of Homeland Security, created out of thin air in 2001 to deal with foreign threats after the September 11 terrorist attacks, has evolved over the past 20 years to an organization primarily focused on domestic threats. How exactly did this happen?

Go no further than the spin addressed in the above piece from the AP. Does anyone honestly believe that “confusion” over Biden’s border policies led to an influx of illegals storming the border in Del Rio, Texas? Was it truly “misinformation” from so-called smugglers to Haitian nationals that caused the rush on the border?

The AP further claimed that some of the illegals from Haiti were eventually expelled. However, exactly how many of those 14,000 illegals were indeed expelled?

According to the DHS, the true number of Haitian migrants storming the Del Rio sector was around 30,000 and at least 12,000 of that number were permitted into the U.S. to “pursue their claims in U.S. immigration courts.”

Some of those who were not permitted were returned to Mexico where they continued their efforts to get back into the U.S. Some likely tried again and managed to remain in the country.

Revolver notes that Biden and his team of incompetent clowns in DHS has revived “Temporary” Protected Status (TPS) for Haitians, meaning those who arrived in the U.S. illegally prior to August 2021 are immune from deportation, with some having work permits because of some alleged “temporary” issues in the Caribbean nation which prevent them from returning due to safety concerns.

While TPS isn’t supposed to apply to the Del Rio arrivals, it shows that the DHS has a more nefarious plan in mind…that any illegal gets to stay in the United States, no matter the reason.

It should be noted that unvetted foreigners from Afghanistan are eligible for TPS. There are illegals still in the U.S. from Honduras and Nicaragua who have had temporary status since 1999.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been excoriated by the political left and their leftist media sycophants for suggesting the existence of the “great replacement,” accusing him of being a racist. Yet, anyone with eyes wide open can see that is exactly what they are doing.

Yet, based on the new “disinformation board,” which will be seated under a law enforcement agency, anyone suggesting the replacement theory exists or exposing exactly what the Biden administration is doing could be cited by this new ministry of “truth.”

As we have seen, the Biden administration has zero interest in removing any illegal aliens, including those with final removal orders. Last week, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) slammed DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for exactly that.

Of course, there is much more going on in our country at the moment—exploding inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, food shortages, record crime, and Biden’s saber-rattling with Vladimir Putin—so much so that the American people have taken their eyes off of the southern border.

And the fact is, the Biden administration is no longer even trying to hide it, with Mayorkas telling Fox News’ Bret Baier on Fox News Sunday that around a million illegal aliens have been released into the interior United States since the Biden administration took over.

This staggering number totally debunks the spin coming out of the Biden administration that so-called “disinformation” pushed by Mexican cartel human smugglers is to blame.

Biden and his cronies have made it crystal clear that the southern border to the United States is open to anyone who wants to risk their lives to cross it. “Disinformation” pushed by human smugglers? Not at all. They are 100% right—if these illegals make it to the southern border and are able to cross into the U.S., chances are they will be allowed to stay and suck off the teat of the American taxpayer.

Last year, Revolver wrote a piece entitled “Joe Biden is Recreating ‘The Camp of The Saints’ at the US Border.” In that piece, the writer noted that “the Biden government is incapable of passing the basic test of what makes a government sovereign over its own lands:”

Having a real border means staring at impoverished, helpless people at your front door and saying, “Sorry, no.” It means finding them at their places of work, yanking them out, and punishing their employers. It means deporting people back to their home countries, even if they cry or scream or make viral videos of sobbing children.


The American regime is incapable of passing this basic test. And now, the secret is out: Show up to America’s front door, and you’ll be rewarded. The country with the world’s most powerful (or at least most expensive) military will allow the largest incursion by foreign peoples in world history.

So now, as at least half the country has seen the invasion taking place at our southern border for what it is, the incompetence of the Biden administration, the DHS is now warning about so-called “backlash” from American citizens against those illegal aliens. In fact, they started this narrative last year as the administration bungled the Afghan withdrawal of the US military.

As thousands of unvetted Afghans were flown to the US following Biden’s bungle, the DHS warned “about an imminent violent terrorist danger, not from the Afghans, but form Americans,” Revolver wrote.

According to CBS News:

As tens of thousands of evacuated Afghans prepare to rebuild their lives in America, the Department of Homeland Security warned law enforcement of a potential uptick in “grievance” by domestic violent extremists that “could lead some to commit violence,” according to an intelligence bulletin obtained by CBS News.

The assessment issued Tuesday by DHSs Office of Intelligence and Analysis cautioned that white supremacist groups and racially motivated extremists might target “individuals or groups they perceive have been relocated, or have assisted with relocation, as well as possibly other refugee communities that are unrelated.

So, you got that? If you’re opposed to an unmitigated influx of foreign migrants into the U.S., you are therefore engaging in “misinformation” now subject to the so-called “disinformation board” operating under a law enforcement component of the federal government. CBS continued:

White supremacist and anti-government groups espousing the “great replacement” theory sprung up online in August in response to the relocation of Afghans to the U.S., according to U.S. law enforcement officials. Extremist groups continue to push false claims that resettlement of Afghan evacuees will contribute to a loss of control and authority by White people.

There has not yet been a “significant online response” to these calls for violence, according to intelligence officials, but the agency is concerned about existing domestic extremist threats to Muslims and immigrants.

So what is now a “conspiracy theory” or “extremist” was admitted to by old Sleepy himself in 2015, as reported by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson:

Yet despite Biden himself admitting the scheme at that time, the administration in the name of the DHS has decided to label the “great replacement theory” as disinformation, even as the actions of the administration are furthering that very goal.

So crazy Nina “Mary Poppins” Jankowicz may seem like a harmless little twit, however the department she will need is not harmless whatsoever. The charge of the Disinformation Governance Board specifically identified “misinformation targeted at migrants” as one of the primary focuses of their enforcement. The claim that disinformation about Biden’s border policies is coming from cartel members in Mexico is absurd.

As Revolver asks, “Who is more likely to draw the ire of Nina “Moaning Myrtle Jankowicz: Cartel members in Jalisco who murder people for sport, or Breitbart News and Revolver, who have told the truth about what is really happening to this country, and are far more offensive to her sensibilities?”

Honestly, this is nothing new. As American cities were being burned and destroyed by Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs in 2020, the DHS issued security statements declaring white supremacy was the gravest terrorist threat to the American homeland, as reported in Politico:

White supremacists present the gravest terror threat to the United States, according to a draft report from the Department of Homeland Security.

Two later draft versions of the same document—all of which were reviewed by POLITICO—describe the threat from white supremacists in slightly different language. But all three drafts describe the threat from white supremacists as the deadliest domestic terror threat facing the U.S., listed above the immediate danger from foreign terrorist groups.

Of course last summer, the same absurd claims were parroted by Mayorkas and the equally feckless Attorney General Merrick Garland.

As a reminder, there are still political dissidents locked up in DC area jails for being on the US Capitol grounds on January 6, 2021, for exercising their First Amendment rights. Few engaged in any type of violence whatsoever. They were merely exercising their right to peacefully assemble or exercise free speech. The FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies dedicated hundreds, if not thousands of officials to hunt down anyone who may have been at the Capitol on that date.

Make no mistake about it…the Department of Homeland Security, their new Ministry of Truth, and the rest of the federal law enforcement apparatus are not concerned with either violence or open borders. They are only interested in stifling political dissent.


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