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Dr. Oz Repeatedly Booed At MAGA Rally Over Abortion Flip-Flop


“Yeah, I’m Smart”: Dr. Oz Repeatedly Booed At MAGA Rally Over Abortion Flip-Flop

US Senate candidate from Pennsylvania, Mehmet Oz (who had been living in New Jersey until recently), was savagely booed Friday night at a MAGA rally headlined by former President Donald Trump, who has endorsed Oz.

The television doctor has come under fire for remarks two years ago calling efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade as a conspiratorial crusade – and was supportive of abortion rights after allegedly witnessing unsafe abortions in medical school.

“I went to medical school in Philadelphia, and I saw women who had coat-hanger events. And I mean really traumatic events that happened when they were younger, before Roe v. Wade. And many of them were harmed for life,” he said in a 2019 interview.

Now, Oz has rebranded – and claims “I’m pro-life, life starts at conception, and that’s how I feel.”

MAGA ain’t buying it…

“President Trump endorsed me because he said I was smart, tough and I will never let you down,” Oz argued. “Yeah, I’m smart, but am I tough? That’s the question. He knew it because he checked it out. He did his homework. He wrote that announcement himself. ‘Cause I am smart. ‘Cause I’m tough as nails and I will never let you down.”

As Mediaite notes, Trump’s endorsement of Oz ‘has left some conservatives scratching their heads.’


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