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Ex-Dominion Employee Has Fulton County “Re-Certify” Primary Results In Secret Meeting!



Georgia’s primary elections have descended into chaos in Fulton County and DeKalb County — and Dominion Voting System machines are at the center of both scandals.

In fact, an ex-Dominion Voting Systems employee named Dominic Olomo appeared at an emergency election meeting (on a Sunday!) in Fulton County to announce that “discrepancies” in Dominion machines forced him to “recertify” the results of the primary election without having any vote totals to verify!

Watch this exchange too.

Fulton County’s election board required no numbers, no data, nothing to “re-certify” their primary results— they just took the word of Dominic Olomo. Can you believe the stupidity on display here? (For more details on this corrupt Fulton County meeting, read these great articles here and here.) Fulton County simply voted to certify election results without having any of the election results.

This is banana republic stuff.

Let’s begin at the beginning of this farce. (A lot of things happened last week.) On Friday, the U.S. Federal Government was forced to admit that Dominion Voting machines (used in all of Georgia’s counties) were vulnerable to hacking — and CISA released a “vulnerabilities advisory” to state election officials regarding “versions of the Dominion Voting Systems Democracy Suite ImageCast X.” That same week, DeKalb County (GA) released the results of a hand re-count in the District 2 County Commission primary race that revealed such massive discrepancies in the “official” Dominion machine results that it completely flipped the race’s results.

That’s right: the only hand count conducted in any Georgia race discovered that Dominion machines provided totally false results —and nearly 20% of the total votes in the race were not even counted at all. The third-place candidate turned out to be the winner in the hand count, while the machine’s “winner” fell to third place.

That story is told here in my Substack article from June 2nd.

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There’s an incredible election story developing in Georgia right now — in the same week that the U.S. Federal Government has been forced to admit that Dominion Voting machines (used in all of Georgia’s counties) are vulnerable to hacking and should be fixed…

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7 days ago · 298 likes · 46 comments · Emerald Robinson

Meanwhile, the voter integrity organization VoterGA fired off a legal letter to DeKalb County officials on June 2nd — encouraging them to recount its other races too. That letter stated:

Since your paramount duty is to ensure the accuracy of the election, you are now faced with the obvious need to perform the same hand count audit for the other races. We want to join others in urging the board to do that on behalf of all DeKalb voters including many who are our supporters. We are also glad to supply volunteers from the greater metropolitan area for that critical effort.

It is now imperative for the board to fulfill our May 24 Open Records Request (ORR) that seeks a copy of the actual ballots produced independently of the voting system. We can accept this copy of actual ballots as a .JPG or another digital format. This copy, produced under your custody and control, will help prove for posterity that the hand count audits conducted are the real results.

VoterGA’s letter went on to claim that the Secretary of State’s office was trying to intimidate Georgia’s counties from fulfilling open records requests by distributing bulletins with false information. That’s the office of the notorious Brad Raffensperger — in case you forgot!

What are the chances that Dekalb County election officials want to do hand counts of their other races? What are the chances that Dekalb’s one mixed-up race was the only race that Dominion machines “mixed up” in the primaries? What are the chances that Dominic Olomo is telling the truth?

The chances are zero.

Word has spread quickly throughout Georgia that Dominion machines produced false results in the one race that anyone had been forced to recount by hand. Several Republican candidates in Chatham Board are now asking for a recount in their respective elections too. Candidates Robin Greco and Jennifer Salandi and Jeanne Seaver want to make sure their election results are accurate. They’re right, of course, all of the primary elections must be recounted if we care about preserving the credibility of our elections.

The stench from DeKalb’s election has Georgia’s voters taking notice of other issues in their elections too.

At one point, Democrat incumbent Raphael Warnock was getting 108,899 votes in a race where only 70,294 ballots had been counted — according to Fulton County’s election website.

Meanwhile, Fulton County still can’t produce 17,000 ballot images from the 2020 election more than 18 months later — which is illegal of course.

Do you see a pattern forming here?

Georgia’s election system is crumbling right before our eyes.

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