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Father’s Day is overshadowed by fringe abortion headlines on NBC’s TODAY Show



The doublethink about how abortion “helps mothers” has been going on strong for a long time, but now the radical left has changed tack to target fathers with their nonsensical messaging.

NBC’s TODAY Show’s website decided to ‘honor’ Father’s Day 2022 by advocating for abortion. The tagline of their story is how abortion has helped eight parents become “the fathers they are today.”

A father holding their child

TODAY reporter Danielle Campoamor opens up her story with background regarding the imminent overturn of Roe v Wade, then proceeds to emphasize how important she considers her story to be.

“Eight dads are sharing how abortion has helped them become the fathers they are today, on what experts believe will likely be the last Father’s Day before the Supreme Court issues a ruling that would overturn Roe v Wade,” she writes.

Starting with one of the gentlemen, who stated that he “wouldn’t be a father without abortion,” an illogical statement considering that abortion quite literally and exclusively terminates parenthood by murdering babies, argues that he would not be married with a five-year-old son had he and his wife not each had experienced abortions in previous relationships. This is perhaps technically correct, as his child would certainly be much older than five had it not been murdered in the womb.

A Pro-life demonstrator holding a baby doll in DC


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Others share stories of how abortion gave them the time to become better equipped to be parents, of course, at the price of an entire lifetime for their murdered child.

Yet another stated that his wife got pregnant with their current child within a few months of her last (but not first) abortion, offering no justification for their actions.

The stories of the others continue along the same lines, with them being grateful for the murder of one child to give them “time to grow” before bringing another to term.

This is how fathers are celebrated by NBC’s TODAY Show. By using a fringe group to overshadow all of the men out there strong enough and mature enough to care for their children–all of their children, and to push a pro-abortion agenda.


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