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Biden executive order on police will force radical trans policies on all law enforcement



WASHINGTON, DC- For those who voted for former President Trump, it was a given that things were going to get bad under Biden. It was obvious to anyone who wasn’t a sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome that the cognitively declined, intellectually dishonest, serial liar of a Democrat nominee was going to be an absolute trainwreck, beholden to the unhinged lunatic fringe of the Democratic Party.

We didn’t however know the depths to which our once great country would sink in just over a year. Now we, along with the people who actually voted for him, are finding out.

With every policy implemented by Biden with the stroke of a pen or bill he signs passed by a Congress without a mandate, the slide down into oblivion gets more precipitous. Aside from Biden putting the “welcome” sign at the southern border, nothing has been more pronounced than the sudden focus on transsexuals and the stepped-up war on law enforcement. That was of course before the latest war on the Second Amendment.

As a piece in The Federalist notes, even as the American people are being forced into accepting the transgender ideology, with men being put in female prisons, swimming on women’s swim teams, and targeting military and law enforcement who don’t meet a particular political ideology out of the military or out of law enforcement, the world and our country have become much more dangerous places.

Last week, Biden released his executive order on law enforcement, which currently only applies to federal officers and doesn’t include his previously floated proposal to allow men into women’s prisons on a federal level, that was reported on back in January by columnist Nathanael Blake writing in The Federalist.

The idea to remove the men in female prisons clause wasn’t removed because the radicals in the Biden administration realized it was a stupid idea. But rather it was because they already snuck a rewrite into the Bureau of Prisons manual which accomplishes the same thing. More cloak and dagger from the “most transparent administration in US history.”

Blake noted the change was pushed through in January and it was even missed by “pro-transgender outlets.” That’s because most outlets were focused on a potential executive order, not a change in a prison policy manual. But that’s how the Biden administration operates.

The recent executive order on law enforcement, however, is much more nefarious. Blake notes that it is full of policies not intended to improve law enforcement but rather “to drive Biden’s ideological enemies, especially conservative Christians, out of law enforcement.”

The order signed by Biden is clearly trying to weed out those who are ideologically opposed to the far-left, radical agenda being pushed by Biden and his handlers. Under the order, it would order the federal government to create and implement plans for the purposes of hiring and retaining federal law enforcement officers to include:

“…vetting mechanisms and ongoing employment screening, that…help avoid the hiring and retention of law enforcement officers who promote…bias against persons based on…sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Got that? If you’re a conservative Christian who believes in traditional marriage and hold traditional views of gender (based on science, by the way) you will be kept out of federal law enforcement, whether you actively practice discrimination in your daily life.

Blake writes that “orthodox evangelicals, actual devout Catholics, and even radical feminist lesbians who believe real women don’t have penises need not apply.” Are you already a federal police officer? Better keep your opinions to yourself or Biden will show you the door.

The order does hilariously mention the First Amendment, as if employees or potential employees will be permitted expression of their personal opinion. Blake writes the fact the order specifically directs that the policy will be “consistent with the First Amendment” means the administration will likely violate it. Otherwise remain silent on the topic.

We’ve seen repeatedly where government lawyers (take the so-called “insurrection,” for example) have had zero problem violating the Constitution, especially when it meets their political ends. Blake notes, and we agree that the government cares not about violating peoples’ rights because they know it will take years to work its way through the legal system. For them, the ends justify the means.

Biden also issued a warning shot last week, and those looking at this executive order should take note. The federal government is threatening to withhold federal funding for any public school which doesn’t bow to their transgender indoctrination program, i.e. letting teenage boys use the girls’ rooms in high school. That directive is instructive, that being that Biden is willing to use the power of the federal purse to coerce local governments to bow to their wishes.

Biden’s order specifically says that the same rules be put in place “for State, Tribal, local, and territorial law enforcement participation in programs or activities over which Federal agencies exercise control, such as joint task forces or international training and technical assistance programs, including programs managed by the Department of State and the Department of Justice.”

What does all this mean? Clearly Biden is angling for a federal takeover of state and local law enforcement and fill it with like-minded leftists who buy into the far-left “progressive” ideology on race, sex, gender and more.

According to the order, federal law enforcement officers will be forced into “an evidence-informed training module for law enforcement officers on implicit bias and avoiding improper profiling based on the actual or perceived race, ethnicity, national origin, limited English proficiency, religion, sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity), or disability of individuals,” Blake writes.

“Evidence informed?” There’s plenty of “evidence” that there are only two genders, but that hasn’t stopped the Biden administration and leftists across the country from insisting there are 57 varieties like Heinz. So-called “evidence-based” implicit bias training, Blake notes, is impossible because “the whole framework of implicit bias is junk science.”

We’ll let Blake take it:

“The idea of implicit bias really functions as a substitute theological explanation of evil for people who do not believe in original sin. Thus, making implicit bias training an annual part of law enforcement training is just another opportunity for theological indoctrination—and a chance to provide more handouts to the diversity, equity, and inclusion industry.”

The order continues to outline procedures for “receiving, investigating, and responding meaningfully to complaints alleging improper profiling or bias by Federal law enforcement officers.” To what end? Why to rid law enforcement of those who don’t play the “inclusion” game.

Once again, local and state law enforcement will not likely escape Biden’s clutches. Per the order:

Within 180 days of the date of this order, the Attorney General, the Secretary of HHS, and the Secretary of Homeland Security shall promptly review and exercise their authority, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law, to award Federal discretionary grants in a manner that supports and promotes the adoption of policies of this order by state, Tribal, local, and territorial governments, and LEAs.

The Attorney General, the Secretary of HHS, and the Secretary of Homeland Security shall also use other incentives outside of grantmaking, such as training and technical assistance, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law, to support State, Tribal, local, and territorial governments, and LEAs in adopting the policies in this order.

That of course means one thing. If you want federal grant money for something such as school resource officers, or perhaps ballistic vests, its going to come with rope-size strings attached to it. Police officers will be forced to buy into the radical leftist ideology or find themselves out on the streets.

Blake writes, “A lot of good cops are going to be pushed out over this, but at least criminals will be referred to by their preferred pronouns.” Just the way Biden and the leftists want it.

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