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General Don Bolduc’s American Strength Campaign


General Don Bolduc launched his American Strength Agenda with a series of town halls this week. Granite Grok caught up with him at Bedford Town Library. Watch and understand why this hero is running to serve us, his constituents, and notice the separation of powers clearly understood in part 4.

I make no secret of my support for Gen. Bolduc: All the others whom the party has thrown against the wall have failed to “stick,” and indeed, some are laughingstocks already. The General is already within striking distance of Maggie Hassan, and clearly relishes the debates with her. This man is not afraid to carry the fight to the enemy!

Part 1 – the stump speech:

Part 2 – Q&A session:

Part 3 – The Thanksgiving turkey story, AKA Operation Turkey Drop:

Part 4 – American spirit, separation of powers, and judicial overreach – this man gets it!



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