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Goodbye to Jen Psaki!




Being the official mouthpiece for the most unpopular (and unelected) administration in the history of the United States sounds like the world’s worst job — but White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki relished the role. She never seemed burdened by the same ethical concerns as mere mortals. Like all the great comic book villains, she wanted to seize the opportunity to take center stage and push the boundaries. She wasn’t interested in bending the truth (as the saying goes) here and there occasionally like her predecessors — she wanted to sow misinformation like a combine harvester.

Just think of all the wildly inaccurate answers, the obvious deflections, the pure flim-flam that Jen Psaki has produced in 16 months. There’s so much of it that it’s difficult to remember all of the absurdities. You tend to forget the early masterpieces because there’s so much of her later mature work that’s so outrageous. Just yesterday she called accurate reporting that HHS was distributing crack pipes “inaccurate reporting.” A few days ago, she was blaming America’s rampant inflation on Vladimir Putin. She even blamed the baby formula shortage on mothers hoarding it for their kids. There’s no equivocation that she won’t try — at least once — no matter how ridiculous or inane.

She’s the Pablo Picasso of pure baloney.


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Psaki on baby formula shortage: “What we are seeing which is an enormous problem is hoarding … & people hoarding because they are trying to profit off of fearful parents.”



Throughout all the press briefings, Psaki constantly delivered that dead-eyed coldness for which she’s now infamous. She’s the only person I’ve ever known who sounded insincere when she said, “I’m a human being after all.” She managed to take the purple-haired hysteria of modern feminism and distill it into something even creepier and less feminine. The joke in my house for awhile was: You would need the help of a biologist to define her as a woman.

There wasn’t a single White House correspondent who could share stories of her small talk or her human warmth. It was simply beyond her. She had all the charm of a concentration camp guard.

At times, she seemed to inhabit a purely imaginary universe where Hunter Biden’s laptop didn’t exist as long as she pretended that it didn’t exist from the White House podium — a kind of magical thinking.

There was that time that Psaki pretended that she didn’t know anything about Dr. Fauci and his funding of the Wuhan lab! If she couldn’t “circle back” then her second-favorite tactic was to tell you there was another agency or office that you should go and ask!

Go ask the NIH about Fauci!

Go ask Hunter Biden’s gallerist about his money-laundering art scheme!

Needless to say, for sheer lack of empathy the woman has no peer. Just watch as she dismisses moms who can’t find formula for their babies with a quick “go see your doctor” remark that has a very strong “let them eat cake” vibe. She does not care — and she does not care so much that she doesn’t mind you knowing that she does not care.


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Psaki suggests that parents who can’t find baby formula should call a doctor.



That’s why this woman had no problem telling you that inflation was transitory; that Biden’s mind was fully functional; that pro-abortion protestors should commit a federal crime by demonstrating at the houses of Supreme Court justices; that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation; that illegal aliens flooding across the border were here only for a short period of time; that the “Build Back Better” bill cost nothing; that supply chain issues were mostly imaginary — she encountered a docile and gullible and friendly press corps who offered no resistance and so she pushed the envelope of untruth into another dimension. She began with the “circle back” and, pretty soon, every brazen and hollow answer became more brazen and hollow than the last one.

Could she blame Trump for Biden’s dementia? Could she claim that Biden’s sinking poll numbers were a Russian disinformation campaign too? It was like a personal contest: what was the biggest whopper she could tell with a straight face from the podium?

Could she, for example, climb onto Fox News and praise herself for her “high ethical standards” and for “treating everyone the same” and for “bringing back credibility to the room” and lots of other imaginary achievements? Could she praise herself on air precisely for all those qualities that she does not possess?


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Pure class. Jen Psaki steps into the lion’s den, appears on Fox News. And you’re going to love her even more.



And the answer was: yes. Of course she could. Watching beta-male boot-licker Howie Kurtz interview Psaki on Fox News reminded me that the biggest problem was that the White House press corps was a Biden fanboy club. (What the corporate media shares with Psaki is the common bond that nobody in America trusts them.) It was the only real audience that Jen Psaki actually had. The rest of America had long since abandoned her — and the rest of the Biden regime — as incontinent swine who talked pure guff.

Psaki telling you that her job was “getting accurate information to the public through debate” is a howler that’s no different than her claiming that Biden got 81 million votes — these messages are absurd on such a grand scale that even Democrats do not believe them. Psaki will forever be the public face of the most disastrous regime in American history — it’s a kind of immortality, like seeing your face on a crime poster.

Anybody else would shudder at being remembered that way — anyone who was human and capable of shame —but not Jen Psaki.


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