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Health Authorities are the Biggest Obstacle to Solving Covid



Yvette D’Ath is the “health minister” of Queensland, Australia. In the video below, she is looking like a fool, stating that she has no idea what is behind 40% growth in heart attacks in her territory. It is obvious that not only she “has no idea”, but she is also not looking for an explanation. She seems to be very actively “not looking” and hoping NOT to find the answer.

Yvette is a is a perfect illustration of what is happening with our “health leadership”. The problem is that the history of Covid-19 public response is replete with misdeeds and failures, and a lot of dissembling. This past is coming to haunt our “health leaders” and drives their behavior, to our detriment.

Therefore, instead of helping us get ahead of Covid-19, our leadership does everything in their power to make sure that they do not face responsibility for past failures. This drags us down as a society and will ensure that we will lose to Covid.

I am intentionally writing this article to appeal both to people who oppose Covid vaccines, as well as to those who believe in them. This article is purposely neutral on this explosive topic. I will also try to minimize the number of links and will try to base my writing on what is well known to any astute reader of any persuasion. I do not want the linked materials to become a point of contention. I want to find a common ground between all people who want to be healthy.

To fight this virus, we need to know just what we are fighting. Where did this virus come from? How was it created? Why was it created? Who did it? What was the intent of its creators? Unfortunately, US “health authorities” and US, British and Australian scientists likely had a hand in funding of creation of Sars-Cov-2, even if it possibly came from a Chinese lab. They may be rightly afraid of being called to account for their role in creating a technological disaster that killed millions.

This explains lack of well funded effort to understand the origin of Sars-Cov-2, and instead we see obfuscation and misdirection to cover up their tracks.

Meanwhile, we continue to have suspicions, but no clarity — and we need clarity to decide what to do with Covid-19. We need to know who created Sars-Cov-2, as well as intentions of the designers of Sars-Cov-2. We can find that by finding and pointedly questioning the right suspects, or by geneticists looking closely at every nucleotide of its genetic code, or from brilliant intelligence work. We need forensic geneticists, military and civilian intelligence, investigators etc involved.

Such an effort should be staffed by people who do NOT have anything to hide and who actually want to get answers. None is that, of course, is happening.

Instead, the people who DO have something to hide — like Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, and Ralph Baric, the NIH and UK and Australian science leadership — are pushing themselves to the forefront of discourse to obscure the origins of Covid.

This keeps the entire world in the dark as to what Covid-19 is. The truth, however terrifying, needs to be known for us to move forward.

Even though I criticized existing Covid vaccines many times, I will be the first to say that we need to have a safe and effective vaccine (or a prophylactic) against Covid-19 that stops its spread and circulation.

Several things should be clear to everyone:

The current “vaccines” are not “effective” and they do not stop the pandemic. I will NOT badmouth Covid vaccines in this essay, other than point out that the pandemic is getting worse and worse as time goes on. While vaccines do provide a declining degree of “death protection”, modest death protection is not good enough and we need something better.

Making a safe and effective vaccine against any coronavirus is exceptionally difficult. There never was a successful coronavirus vaccine, and not for the lack of trying. Creating such a vaccine, or an effective prophylactic, would require an expensive societal effort on the scale of the Manhattan Project, likely costing tens billions of dollars.

Making a good vaccine against an unnatural lab chimera may be even harder than for natural coronaviruses. This is why it is imperative to know what Sars-Cov-2 is and that is why we should expect this effort to be long and arduous and costly.

To make sure that a vaccine is “safe” and “effective”, requires years of careful testing — so we better start now and start in multiple directions, without giving any direction unwarranted preference. We clearly will spend years fighting Covid, anyway, so better plan for the long run.

Any research on vaccines should be based on the fact that most of our population was “vaccinated” with current Covid vaccines, or had Covid, or both. Some of us are having endless Covid infections. We have an immunologically complicated situation with endlessly spawning and reinfecting variants, that needs to be addressed comprehensively.

Some people will never take any “Covid vaccine”. So we need a prophylactic that would work specifically for those who take it, without requiring everyone to be vaccinated again.

To undertake such a project, we need to first admit that the current vaccines leave much to be desired. Unfortunately, “health authorities” around the world are so entrapped by their own “health messaging”, that they cannot admit that the vaccines into which they are so financially and reputationally invested, are not good — so we are stuck with half hearted million dollar efforts to “figure something out”, instead of an all out tens-of-billions-of-dollars effort.

Lastly: if we cannot make and test, extensively, a truly safe, effective, skeptically reviewed prophylactic, we’d be better off having none.

Prizer and Moderna, making billions from existing shots, have little interest in cannibalizing their own products, either.

Two years into the pandemic, we do not have enough understanding of how Covid-19 spreads. While we argue pointlessly about “airborne spread”, a remote Antarctic mission got an oubreak despite vaccination and despite a two week quarantine of new arrivals. Why did it happen? Nobody knows. Nobody cares. It is just a curiosity for few.

It is very sad that despite making public noise about masks, no worthwhile research about spread of Covid was actually undertaken, several cheap mask studies notwithstanding.

Why do the Chinese spray their streets with disinfectants? Nobody knows and nobody seems to even care.


The current public-private partnership model, where elected governments are partnering with and are influenced by enormous, unelected, money driven, and unchecked private interests and self-serving foundations, lead to “regulatory capture” and government officials working on behalf of, and advancing, private interests. For example, in the US, CDC is nothing but an ad agency for Pfizer and Moderna.

Large Internet companies used their influence to advance unnecessary destruction of competing small businesses, and censored any objections, under the guise of “shaping public policy”.

The entire US government became subservient to vaccine companies, not even enforcing the patents that the government owns and spent money on.

Remember, we do elect our governments. But we do not elect our superbillionaires, who are smart, pushy, risk-taking people often of questionable ethics or even uncertain sanity, who know how to dominate and monopolize their fields of interest. These unelected people of enormous means should not dictate our public agencies what to do with the health of our citizens — it should be the other way around.


Let’s face it: we failed to control infection. We failed to develop effective treatments (with some effective treatments possibly suppressed to appease private sponsors). We failed to understand what Covid is. We already have a million persons dead in the United States. Millions have “long Covid”, which the government did not even try to understand, a few haphazard studies notwithstanding.

The public health officials response? Minimize the damage, call Omicron mild, stop counting cases by giving everyone rapid antigen tests, stop counting deaths and hospitalizations properly, and hope that the public will move its attention elsewhere, to distract from their failure. They were very eager to count as many deaths as possible before the vaccines stopped preventing illness — and now they are trying to minimize deaths instead.

The result? One out of 13 people in the UK are having Covid today and nobody cares. What about the US? Nobody knows. Endless reinfections are mounting. Highly vaccinated Western Europe is caught in a never-ending “covid wave”. The officials response? They hope you are watching TV news about something else.

Napoleon and later Eisenhower both said, famously, in effect, that they do not need “unlucky generals”.

We, the general public, do not need unlucky health officials.

We understand that Covid is complicated. We understand many reasons why “health officials” failed against Covid, even when they earnestly tried to help us, which was not even always the case. For whatever reasons, they failed. It is time for them to go. You can thank them if you want, but they need to vacate their posts. It is time to bring someone else who does not need to defend past decisions.

If you care about your health, and the health of your vaccinated and unvaccinated loved ones, you need to ask yourself, why do we want to carry along with the officials who are dragging us down out of defensiveness, instead of leading us forward?

Thanks and let me know what you think, in comments. To any new visitors, we welcome disagreement here, just be polite please.


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