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Host of ‘The View’ talks about secretly crushing up male contraceptive pills and putting it in food like a dog


On Friday, March 25th, ABC’s The View reportedly spent part of their show discussing secretly drugging men with “a male contraceptive pill.”

According to reports, the pill allegedly has “impressive results in lab mice” and has the “side effect of infertility.” The hosts of the show suggested that women should “crush the pills and put them in food” if their partners would not take it willingly.

Co-host Sara Haines, who reportedly has three kids of her own, seemed to allude to giving men an ultimatum by saying, “offer them the snip versus the pill.” Co-host Ana Navarro said:

“Why would men take it if they can get the women to take it.”

Navarro added:

“As long as we start taking it off their plate and we continue assuming the responsibility and we’re not teaching our little boys and young sons that they have equal responsibility. Listen, as long as they can get away with not doing anything, they will. They don’t even want to wear condoms for God’s sake.”

Next came the discussion about the side effects of the alleged pill and co-host Sunny Hostin disclosed that infertility was one of them, which seemed to elate Haines and co-host Joy Behar. Hostin said:

“So, traditional methods of male birth control bills that have been tried have the side effects have been weight gain, depression, and mood swings.”

Haines said:

“Welcome to PMS.”

Hostin said:

“Welcome to it right?”

Behar said:

“And menopause.”

Hostin then said:

“So, those are the traditional ones. That’s because it affects testosterone. This one targets a protein, but it makes men temporarily infertile.”

Haines said:

“Infertile is fine! That’s what you want.”

Behar added:

“That’s what you want.”

After noting that some people might fear infertility was not temporary or perhaps could have other side effects, Hostin announced that she thought about giving the pill to her son, but instead decided she wanted to be a grandma. She said:

“I have to tell you when I first read this, I was like, ‘I am signing Gabriel up.’ I was like, ‘this is perfect. I’m too young to be a grandma right now.’ … But, then I saw the infertility and I was like, ‘I want grandbabies. No thank you.’ I mean I immediately thought, ‘I don’t want it.’”

Haines then said:

“But men aren’t craving the baby part. They’re craving the sex.”

After Hostin conducted an “anecdotal poll of the men in the audience,” which none voted yes to taking the pill and Navarro mocked “how paranoid men are about the family jewels,” Behar chimed in and suggested that women should secretly drug men who do not want to take the drug. She said:

“You know, Ana, How about this idea: you smash the pill and put it in their food like you do with a dog.”

Hostin said:

“Yes. Yes.”

Navarro said:

“Dogs. They make money from those pill pockets.”

To further make this sound like something Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein would “cook up,” Behar concluded the segment by saying that the men “won’t even know they’re taking it and you just have a good time and you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Reportedly, the segment promoting taking a male contraceptive pill but illegally crushing it up and putting it in the man’s food, which is criminal in its intent, was made possible because of lucrative sponsorships from Macy’s and Olay.


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