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How to ‘Set Boundaries to Avoid Sin’ and Navigate Difficult Relatives During Holiday Chaos


The holidays can be a time of joy but also of pain, struggle, familial tumult, and relational woes.

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Complex dynamics can sometimes complicate the season and leave people feeling vulnerable, emotionally triggered, and uncomfortable, especially when dealing with difficult relatives.

Richard and Brittni De La Mora, co-hosts of the “Let’s Talk Purity Podcast,” recently broke down how tough relationships and negative patterns can create chaos in Christians’ lives during the holiday season.

The husband and wife duo explained why “setting boundaries to avoid sin” is so essential, particularly when dealing with temptations that can heighten around intense visits and travel.

These boundaries sometimes surround friends and loved ones with whom relational issues persist.

“Oftentimes, when we go back to our families … and you are still at odds with that particular person, it’s very easy for you to walk in this holiday season, wanting to hold a grudge, holding on to offense,” Richard said. “When we walk into that room, it shouldn’t be about us.”

He continued, “The Bible teaches us, ‘Blessed are those who are peacemakers.”

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Rather than battling it out with friends and loved ones, the two discussed how Christians are “called to reconcile” and not to hold grudges.

Unfortunately, many people buckle under the pressures of complex relationships and resort to putting up walls and barriers. Brittni differentiated, though, between creating boundaries versus cementing walls.

While walls completely separate and cut somebody off, boundaries send a powerful message about how a person expects to be treated, with the latter serving as a healthier way to handle familial strife.

Brittni also affirmed a vital reality to remember when emotions run high: believers must still be rooted in Christ.

“Too often, the reason people are so led by their emotions is because they’re not spending time with the Spirit,” she said. “A wise person overlooks an offense … You have to be Spirit-fed so you won’t be emotionally led.”

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