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Hunter Biden Met With the Father-In-Law of a Juarez Cartel Boss


In 2011, Hunter Biden met with Eloy Vallina, one of the wealthiest businessmen in Chihuahua, Mexico, and the father-in-law of Lucindo Carrillo Ruiz, a known member of the Juarez Cartel and the nephew of Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, the former leader of the Juarez Cartel.

This is according to emails found on Hunter’s abandoned laptop between Secret Service agent Timothy Buckley and then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son.

In the emails, Agent Buckley informs Hunter that Lucindo Carrillo Ruiz, the son-in-law of Mexican businessman Eloy Vallina, was “shot five times in an attempted hit” and that Lucindo Carrillo Ruiz was a “known member of the Juarez Cartel and the nephew of Vicente CARRILLO FUENTES (VCF), the head of the Juarez Cartel”.

The Secret Service agent forwarded the information to Hunter on November 15, 2011, after the Registered Security Officer (RSO) from the U.S. Consulate in Juarez had notified the Secret Service that the information might be important to the Vice President’s son.

Eloy Vallina

Eloy Vallina was Chairman of Banco Commercial Mexicano, later Multibanco Comermex, one of Mexico’s largest commercial banks at that time, from 1971 until its expropriation in 1982.

A confidant of Mexican presidents and governors, Vallina is a member of one of Mexico’s wealthiest families with businesses on both sides of the border.

After his bank was nationalized in 1982, Vallina famously said, “Me quitaron el banco. Pues yo les quitaré Chihuahua. They took my bank from me, so I shall take Chihuahua from them.”

Mr. Vallina has been Chairman of the Board of Accel SAB de CV and its predecessor, Grupo Chihuahua SA de CV, since its inception in 1979.

Accel is a group of companies engaged in providing warehousing services, logistics, distribution, and manufacturing services with more than 4,000 employees.

He is also chairman of Kleentex Corp, Elamex Corp, and was the Director at Tropical Sportswear International Corp.

Multibanco Comermex headquarters was located in Mexico City before being nationalized in 1982.

New Mexico-Mexico Bi-National Community

Vallina has been the long-time proponent of a 70,000-acre bi-national development area known as Los Santos, composed of Santa Teresa on the United States’ side, and San Jeronimo on Mexico’s side of the border.

The bi-national trade area will connect Vallina’s 47,000 acres in San Jeronimo, Mexico, with Santa Teresa, New Mexico, and has backing from U.S. and Mexican landowners and government officials.

In 2008, Foxconn, the biggest electronic manufacturer in the world, built a 9,350-worker plant on part of Vallina’s 47,000 acres.

“This is one of many mutually beneficial projects that I and my economic development people have worked with Chihuahua officials to carry out,” said former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson when describing the Foxconn manufacturing site.

“This is the kind of economic development that is going to bring the New Mexico-Mexico border to the forefront of international trade and development.”

Richardson, the scandal-plagued former governor of New Mexico – who Virginia Roberts claimed she had underage sex with on Jeffrey Epstein‘s orders – has been accused of running a bribery scheme while he was in office and promoting the bi-national Los Santos development.

Vallina also bought the 275,000-acre New Mexico Adobe cattle ranch in the mid-’90s where he is the registered owner of the Adobe Ranch Private Airport.

Hunter Biden would visit Mexico again during his father’s Vice Presidency in March 2012, April 2013, September 2014, February 2015, and lastly, with his father aboard Air Force Two in February 2016.

Many of these trips, protected by Secret Service agents and funded by U.S. taxpayers, were in the pursuit of leveraging the family name in exchange for business deals with Mexican billionaires Carlos Slim and Carlos Bremer.

Emails show Hunter was interested in deals that would involve state-owned oil and gas firm, Petroleos Mexicanos, online gaming companies, and digital wallets, but no one has reported on what Hunter Biden wanted from the Father-In-Law of the nephew of the head of the Juarez Cartel, who happens to be building a bi-national community on his 47,000-acres along the New Mexico-Mexico border.

What business did Hunter Biden have with Eloy Vallina and did these meetings have any impact on Joe Biden’s policies which have led to a twenty-year high in illegal border crossings?


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