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Incredible Footage Of Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai Volcano Eruption & Ensuing Tsunami (Video)


On Saturday, Tonga’s Hunga ha’apai volcano erupted and it was absolutely incredible, sending shock waves through the ocean and developing into a tsunami.

RNZ reports:

There is a tsunami warning in place for all the islands of the Kingdom of Tonga as the volcanic activity affects coastal water levels – with people advised to stay out of the water and away from the coast.

People on all islands in Tonga are advised to stay out of the water and away from the coast.

There are no warnings in place for Fiji, Samoa or New Zealand.

The maximum tsunami wave has been recorded in Nuku’alofa tide gauge at 12:30pm and was about 30cm and the fluctuation of the sea level is currently observed.

Check out some of the spectacular and devastating effects of the eruption.

ABC 7 warns of the effects on the West Coast of the US.

All Orange County beaches were ordered closed Saturday morning after an underwater volcano erupted near the island nation of Tonga in the South Pacific, prompting a tsunami advisory for the U.S. West Coast, officials said.

Although no significant coastal flooding was expected, authorities warned that some Southern California areas could experience dangerous currents and tidal surges due to this tsunami along beaches and in harbors and marinas.

Waves generated by the tsunami were expected to hit the Orange County coast between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.

“The impact of this tsunami will be stronger than normal currents and possible higher than normal tidal surges along the beaches,” the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement. “Residents are encouraged to stay out of the water.”



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