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International Celebrities, Big Pharma Executive Caught Buying Faux Vax Cards



A vast network of international celebrities was involved in a fraudulent purchase of Covid vaccination cards and got their names entered into an immunization registry despite being unvaccinated, Spanish law enforcement uncovered. Remarkably, one of those charged with the fraud was José María Fernández Sousa-Faro, the president of European pharmaceutical giant PharmaMar.

As reported by Euro Weekly News on May 27, as a result of the Europe-wide investigation named “Operation Jenner” carried out by the Spanish police, at least 2,200 famous people were willing to pay handsomely to forgo the vaccination against Covid while having all the benefits of belonging to the privileged class of vaccinated citizens.

“Amongst those that have been investigated are leading singers, musicians, football stars, business people, politicians and top medical personnel,” per the report.

According to the report, the profits of the scheme reached €500,000 ($53,212.00) in cash and €1.5 million ($1.6 million) in bitcoin investments. The fee apparently depended on the client’s social status: “The more important you were, the higher the price,” said EuroWeekly.

The head of the network was a nursing assistant at the La Paz University Hospital in Madrid who has been arrested and, as of May 27, remains in custody.

The presence of Sousa-Faro’s name on the list of the suspects certainly amplified the story in the European media.

Europe Renaissance, among others, specified,

The President of PharmaMar, 76 years old and with a degree in Chemistry and a doctorate in Biochemistry from the Complutense University, was included in the plot of fake vaccinations for deceptively claiming that he had received the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine….

[The] executive paid the criminal organization the VIP rate (between €1,000 and €2,000 [$1,073.43 and $2,146.86] for appearing in the official vaccination database with the third dose, when he had not given it. In this way, he also fraudulently obtained, allegedly, the Covid passport, in order to travel. The company PharmaMar has not wanted to make any statements in this regard.

Apparently, Sousa-Faro arranged with the nurse to be injected with a saline solution instead of a real Covid shot. The reports omit whether the executive had been vaccinated with the initial series of any Covid vaccine available in Europe and elsewhere, and whether he faked it or not.

The outlet quoted Australian journalist Nicole Webb, who posted:

“Imagine that, the president of PharmaMar with his chemistry degree and doctorate in biochemistry decided it would be better to pay for a certificate rather than inject the ‘safe and effective vaccine’.”

Her concern was echoed by American entrepreneur and founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF) Steve Kirsch, who has been a vocal critic of the Covid vaccines and policies related to their mass rollout. Commenting on the story, he wrote on his Substack account Thursday:

Now, here’s what you ask your blue pill friends:

Why would the chief executive of a very large pharma company in Spain pay a huge fee (it was set based on ability to pay) and risk a long prison sentence to avoid taking a perfectly safe vaccine that will keep him from dying from COVID?

Kirsch went on to suggest the answer — Sousa-Faro was willing to take that risk over the risk of death due to the vaccine.

According to media reports, other high-profile clients of the gang included the following figures:

  • Trinitario Casanova, real estate mogul and one of the richest men in Spain;
  • Camilo Esquivel, prestigious plastic surgeon and aesthetician;
  • Kidd Keo, actor, composer, and trap singer;
  • Anier, Spanish YouTube rap singer;
  • Jarfaiter, rap singer;
  • Álex de Miñaur, Australian tennis player;
  • Veronica Echegui, actress;
  • Bruno Gonzalez Cabrera, soccer player;
  • Fabio Díez Steinaker, former beach volleyball Olympian;
  • José Luis Zapater, alias Titín, former boxer; and
  • Omar Montes, artist.

Various vaccine mandates have been implemented across Europe and other Western countries, for athletic teams, healthcare and educational institutions, various businesses, entertainment venues, and much more.

In the case of actress Veronica Echegui, Euro Weekly News reported that she needed proof of Covid vaccination in order to attend Spain’s main national film awards, where she received her award for best short film.

The European establishment has practically excluded unvaccinated people from social life, creating a demand for phony certificates.

According to Forbes, the European Union agreed last year to create a standardized Covid certificate with a QR code so that “the vaccinated and tested people could travel and attend events” within the bloc.

As a result, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, eastern Europe, and the Balkan countries reported an avalanche of offers for fake vax cards that were primarily sold on social media platforms such as SnapChat, Facebook, and Instagram, with the price averaging €100-500 ($107-536). European “anti-vaxxers” could also acquire forged negative Covid certificates. Forging travel documents is considered a crime in the European Union.

Late last year, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen urged the EU member countries to consider mandatory Covid vaccination as part of a “common approach” to the pandemic.

According to the latest update from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 72.6 percent of the bloc’s residents have completed their “primary course” of the Covid vaccination, and 52 percent have been boosted.


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