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Janet Yellen Has To Go .


Why is the treasury secretary talking about everything except the economy? Because it’s already been ruined and she somehow completely missed it. Tucker explains. Highlights include:

“Janet Yellen does not consider nuclear power a renewable. When she says renewable, she means wind and solar, which by definition are not reliable sources of energy, but they are, and this is always the key, highly profitable to democratic donors and the government of China.”

“So, of course Janet Yellen is for them. Of course, Yellen didn’t go into details on why she thinks what she does, because if you unpack it, if you slow down and speak clearly, it doesn’t make any sense.”

“And Janet Yellen knows that. She’s an activist, she gets that logic is irrelevant. Thinking clearly? No, that gets you nowhere. Emotion is what carries the day.”

“Oh, so, you didn’t see covid coming, even though it was here for two years and we shut down the entire economy and then made up for the gap in productivity with profligate government spending where we just printed trillions of fake dollars. But you didn’t think that was going to cause inflation somehow? And you didn’t think a war in the breadbasket of Europe would affect food prices?”

“In a functioning country, Janet Yellen would be in a retirement home somewhere writing her memoirs, that no one would ever read. But that’s not what happening. She’s still the treasury secretary and and that’s not what happened today. Instead, democrats took turns bragging about their expensive electric cars.”

“Worried about gas prices? Just get a Tesla, baby!”

“You’re telling us that the oil companies are so greedy, they somehow canceled their own leases for drilling. They’re so drilling, they don’t even want to drill oil, and that’s why they shut down their own pipelines. Is that right?”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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