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Jeanine Pirro Sends Geraldo Rivera Reeling: ‘I Don’t Give a Damn What Putin Thinks, I Only Care What Putin Did!’


Judge Jeanine Pirro sent Geraldo Rivera reeling today on Fox News’s “The Five” during an intense rant about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“I don’t give a damn what Putin thinks, I only care what Putin did!” Pirro declared in response to a suggestion by Rivera that Vladimir Putin may have been “playing” Donald Trump while he was in the White House.

Many Democrats have insisted that actions taken by Trump set up the invasion of Ukraine ultimately in order to absolve Joe Biden of any responsibility.

In a clip shared by TPUSA’s Benny Johnson in a tweet, Pirro said, “Biden is responsible for the decline of the west.”

Pirro then explained that there is enough oil in Canada, the United States, and Mexico to make them all superpowers.

Rivera tried to interrupt Pirro and asked, “How do you know that Putin wasn’t playing Trump?”

“Oh stop it, he wasn’t playing Trump. (Putin) didn’t invade when Trump was president,” Pirro responded.

Pirro later called Putin a “wuss” when Trump was president “and that’s the end of it” Pirro declared.

Co-host Greg Gutfeld then interjected chuckling and said, “That might be my favorite conversation of this whole year.”




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