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Jeanne Shaheen’s in Quarantine, The Pfizer Docs, She has not Seen!


Senator Jeanne Shaheen announced yesterday that she’d got the Rona. It’s mild, she says, thanks to two jabs and a booster, she says, and then encourages everyone to get that. I guess she missed that Pfizer Doc Dump where they admit their ‘vaccine’ doesn’t work.

Pfizer’s own clinical trials produced a ton of details, all of which were pigeon-holed, ignored, or hidden from the FDA and the public.

Things Pfizer knew and failed to share or shared and were hidden. Things that Sen. Jeanne Shaheen clearly has not seen, but should.

Like the 1,290+ known potential side-effects.

Or this gem.

Pfizer’s own data does not support the claim their COVID-19 vaccines are “safe and effective.”

Pfizer seemingly lied to the FDA by claiming their vaccines prevent COVID-19, and the FDA and mainstream media then dutifully lied to the American people repeating this false claim.

The vaccines are neither safe nor effective. But here is a sitting US senator telling us that an experimental inoculation that the manufacturer has admitted is unsafe and could not have lessened her symptoms that you need to go out and get it.

If Shaheen even has the Rona, the tests are still lousy, then the odds are high that she got the case that most people who tested positive got. The most common and underreported version. The mild symptomless or mild symptom version.

We do not expect this Democrat Senator to consider that possibility but we do expect her to keep up.

Pfizers science says these are dangerous drugs with little benefit, so maybe Senator Shaheen, like the media, has also been paid off.


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