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Joe Biden Accidentally Admits That His Student Debt Forgiveness Scam Is Illegal


When Joe Biden issued an executive order to forgive billions in student loans, he did so with the ridiculous excuse that in times of national emergency, namely the COVID-19 pandemic, he had the authority to do so. Welp, Biden just said on national TV that the pandemic is over so if there is no emergency, he doesn’t have the authority to forgive the student debt.

This was what Biden did with the stoke of a pen last month:

The Wharton Business School did an analysis of Biden’s plan and said it will cost us more than $1 trillion, which is an astounding price tag for an obvious abuse of power.

Since Congress, not the president has the sole authority to spend money, Biden blowing $1 trillion makes this an illegal and unconstitutional act. Biden’s handlers tried to get around this sticky fact by saying that the 2003 HEROES Act, gave Biden the power to set a trillion dollars on fire.

One of the stipulations of the HEROES Act is that in times of war, military operations, or other national emergencies the president can forgive federal student loan debt. Biden claimed the COVID-19 pandemic was a national emergency and therefore he could wipe out student loans. Unfortunately, the HEROES Act limits federal loan forgiveness to active duty military or National Guard officials, those who reside or are employed in a declared disaster area, or those who have suffered economic hardship as a result of wars, military operations, or national emergencies.

Basically, the HEROES Act was passed to help military members or victims of war. Biden somehow twisted that to include anyone who had to wear a mask in an Uber.

As big of a load of bullshit as Biden’s justification for wiping out student loans is, he piled it on the turd heap by removing his bullshit justification in this 60 Minutes interview:

If the pandemic is over, and it’s been over, that means Biden can’t claim authority under the HEROES Act to forgive student loan debt. There is no national emergency. This is 100% illegal and violates the Constitutional separation of powers.

Moreover, it’s an impeachable offense. Democrats impeached Trump twice, once for an innocuous phone call and a second time for telling his supporters to “go in peace.” Biden on the other hand abused his power and stole $1 trillion dollars from the American people.

And it’s actually more than that. Fox News reports that Biden has issued 99 executive orders that come with a $1.5 trillion price tag. How the hell can a president, even an illegitimate one, spend $1.5 trillion without Congressional approval? The answer to that is simple: he can’t.


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