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Man Driving Vehicle With Anti-Trump Bumper Sticker Rams Into Trump Merchandise Store In Broad Daylight


South Easton, Massachusetts Police were dispatched to the scene when a 46 year old man driving a VW Jetta, with Anti-Trump bumper stickers, drove through the front window of a store displaying Trump flags and merchandise.

Fortunately no one was killed in the crash and the driver was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Police are investigating and the driver’s name was not immediately released.  One of the bumper stickers shows Trumps mouth and drawing a possible comparison with Hitler. Another has a photo of Trump with a quote by Voltaire “Those who make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”


Sadly, violent acts against Trump supporters is not a new phenomenon. Since the beginning of Trumps entrance into politics, his supporters have suffered attacks. From high school students being ganged up on and punched to being labeled as racists, people of all age ranges and demographics have experienced the blow back of a leftist agenda, determined to radicalize their followers.

Often rather than condemning these violent acts, leftist politicians encourage them and even persuade their followers that violence is okay.

As we near the midterms, we remember the midterm elections of 2018, when Democrats insisted they just needed to show that they were not as crazy as Donald Trump, yet leftist political leaders were often caught not only condoning aggression but also encouraging it.

This type of violence has not been disparaged by Democrat leadership. Even now we are witnessing the harassment of Supreme Court Justices with little to no condemnation coming from the left.

The American people are weary of the dangerous uprisings that threaten our freedoms and safety. Many are concerned and asking if we will see this type of violence increase as we move toward another polarizing midterm election.

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