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Moderna Wants FDA to ILLEGALLY Approve Ineffective Kids Vaccine


The media such as CNN is salivating that Moderna is about to ask FDA to approve its vaccine for small children.

In their cheering for “vaxx for kids”, they are glossing over four very important facts:

  • Reported efficacy of Moderna vaccine for kids is 37-43%, which is below the legally required 50% minimum efficacy required for FDA approval
  • Severe adverse effects occurred in the study, however Moderna does not report any details
  • Knowing that Pfizer trial for 2-4 year olds failed to meet the endpoint for any immune reaction, Moderna purposely merged the problematic 2-4 year old group into “2yr-6yr” group, to hide utter ineffectiveness of mRNA vaccine in the 2-4 age group
  • The dose given to 6 months olds is HUGE, compared to Pfizer trial or adult doses

FDA’s own requirements for Covid-19 vaccine approval require that the vaccine must be at least 50% effective at PREVENTING ILLNESS, to be approved:

However, the placebo-controlled trial reported by Moderna, failed to reach 50% efficacy even under the most favorable short-term conditions, and only reached 37 and 43 percent, with the lower confidence interval bound barely above zero:

Therefore, if the FDA wants to abide by its own rules, it would be required to REJECT the EUA application from Moderna, based simply on the randomized study failing to reach required 50% efficacy.

Will the FDA uphold the law? I hope so, but I have my doubts based on their past behavior.


Unfortunately, Moderna’s study of young children encountered severe side effects.

Read it again? “The majority of adverse effects were mild or moderate”? That means, plainly speaking, that a MINORITY of effects were severe, or Grade 4 (even worse)?

This is how adverse effects are categorized: Mild, Moderate, Severe, Grade 4. So if they are not mild or moderate, they are at least severe. What were those adverse events? How many kids were affected? Moderna is silent on this. If it is silent, it wants to hide something. We, the public, deserve to know.

Moderna is no doubt aware of the earlier failure of the Pfizer vaccine: it failed to even generate sufficient antibodies (not to even speak of protecting from infection) in 2-4 year olds. As a result, “Pfizer vaccine” was shelved for kids.

There is something special about immunity in that 2-4 age range, that Pfizer vaccine failed to generate even enough antibodies. Since Moderna’s vaccine is almost the same thing as Pfizer, what does Moderna do?

… You guessed right!

That’s right, Moderna eliminated 2-4 year olds as a separate category! It lumps then in a much larger category “2-6 year olds”. So, the failure in 2-4 year olds is nicely hidden, unless you remember the Pfizer failure and ask questions!

The Pfizer small kids study at least made a modicum of effort to try to be safe to 6 months olds infants, only to give them 3mcg:

Moderna, however, chose to give same 6 month old infants a EIGHT TIMES GREATER DOSE of 25 micrograms:

Per pound of weight (6 month olds weigh about 16 lbs and adults weigh 160-200 lbs), Moderna infant’s dose PER POUND OF BODY WEIGHT is 2.5 times HIGHER, or more, than for adults!

Giving infants so much spike protein per pound of weight is so crazy that I literally have no words for this. I am speechless. What do you think?

Since this article is about safety of our children, I ask you to share it as widely as possible. Please post it to all your social accounts. We need to write to the FDA and ask them to postpone consideration of this submission.



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