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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Apologizes After Clip Surfaces of Him Using Racial Slur to Describe White Police Officers in 2019


New York City Mayor Eric Adams has apologized after a clip surfaced of him using a racial slur to describe white police officers.

Not only that but the video was also taken while he was on the campaign trail at a private event hosted by the Harlem Business Alliance in December 2019.

Following the reports about his words, Adams said today, “Definitely apologize, inappropriate comments, should not have been used, someone asking me a question using that comment and playing on that word, responded in that comment.”

“Clearly is a comment that should not be used and I apologize, not only to those who heard it but to New Yorkers, because they should expect more from me and that was inappropriate,” Adams added.

Adams apparently offered further clarification and claimed, “My fight, you know, my fight in the police department was fighting racism throughout my entire journey and I was serious about fighting against that.”

In the clip, Adams can be seen declaring, “Every day in the police department, I kicked those cr**kers’ a**, I was unbelievable in the police department with 100 Blacks in law enforcement.”



U.S. House Rep Tony Gonzales (R-TX) called on Adams to resign in a tweet where he shared an article on the situation and said, “No room for racism in America. Mayor Adams should resign immediately.”



The surfacing of the video comes during black history month and just one day after Joe Biden visited NYC to talk about reducing “gun violence.”

Ironically, the video reportedly was released to show support for Adams by the CEO of the Black Lives Matter Real Estate Forum, Thomas Lopez-Pierre.


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