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Nepotism? NYC mayor’s longtime friend gets hired for over $220K – one of city’s highest-paying jobs


NEW YORK CITY, NY – Nepotism within the New York Police Department? According to Mayor Eric Adams that is not the case, but how did one of his closet, longtime friends just get a $188,000 raise and a new title?

According to reports, the NYPD has rehired Lisa White for one of the city’s highest-paying jobs, more than quadrupling her previous salary.

White, who as recently as 2017 rented a room in her apartment to Adams, has been hired as the deputy commissioner for employee relations, which earns a salary of more than $241,000.

White formerly worked as a 911 operator and police communications technician. She retired from that job in 2019 with a base salary of close to $53,000.

White, who is now responsible for overseeing the health and morale of NYPD, has known Adams for several decades. As reported by The City:

“White’s ties to the mayor run back for years — part of a pattern of appointments by Adams that demonstrates a determination to hire friends, family, and former colleagues for top administration posts … City Hall spokesperson Fabien levy said Adams played no role in White’s appointment.”

The report added:

“He said Adams and White both had a professional relationship, and also were friends, going back to their time with the group 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care. Adams cofounded the group while he served in the NYPD.”

White donated to Adams’ 2012 campaign for Brooklyn borough president. The campaign also paid her $1,000 in 2013 for consulting work.

White has also allegedly donated her time to Adams over the years, serving from 2014 to 2021 as a volunteer board member and treasurer for an Adams-linked non-profit, the One Brooklyn Fund.

According to reports, public records show that for years, White claimed residence at an apartment on the 20th floor of Ebbets Field Apartments, which is in Crown Heights.

White allegedly made eight political donations from that same address between 2008 and 2019, including two to Adams’ borough president campaigns.


City campaign finance board records show that the contributions to Adams, both in 2021, list her employer as “NYC Police Department” and her position as “Police Communications Tech.”

In 2013, as Adams ran for borough president, he changed his voter registration, declaring his residence as the same McKeever place apartment where White had also declared her residence.

City board of election records show that Adams maintained that he lived at the McKeever Place unit between June 2013 and March 2017.

Within days of Adams being sworn in as mayor in January 2022, the NYPD dismissed its deputy commissioner for employee relations, Robert Ganley, making that spot vacant.

An unnamed NYPD spokesperson said that White’s appointment fell within department standards, adding:

“Deputy commissioner Lisa White filed for service retirement from the NYPD communications section in 2019, after a 29-year-career with the agency.  Her hiring was in line with the NYPD’s standards for identifying those best suited for their roles within the department.”

Adams has unapologetically hired a number of close friends to top city posts, including David Banks as schools chancellor and Bank’s partner, Sheena Wright, as a deputy mayor.

The mayor also tapped Bank’s brother, Philip Banks, who resigned as NYPD chief of department in 2014 amid a federal bribery investigation in a case that later identified him as an unindicted co-conspirator, as deputy mayor for public safety. Banks reports directly to Adams.

Adams also tried to give his own brother, Bernard Adams, a $242,000 gig as the NYPD’s deputy commissioner of government affairs.

Another one of Adam’s longtime friends from the NYPD, Tim Pearson, was quietly handed a $242,000 role at the city’s Economic Development Corporation overseeing public safety and COVID19 initiatives.

When questioned about these and other hires, Adams has repeatedly maintained that he picks the best people for the job.

In addition to Adams hiring friends and family, ex-NYPD commissioner Dermot Shea’s rookie son has been promoted to detective. Within 18 months of being a cop, 23-year-old Richard Shea has been promoted from patrolman to a detective in the 23rd precinct.

Shea joined the department in November 2020 and completed his six months at the police academy on May 10, 2021. Since working his beat as a patrolman, he has racked up 32 arrests, has received no awards and no additional training.

Yet, he has been deemed ready for promotion to a job that can take many nearly 10 years to attain. The fast-track promotion is virtually unheard of. One police source said:

“Nobody gets it that fast unless there’s an exceptional circumstance. You get into a shootout and your partner gets killed and you kill the bad guy. Then they’d probably bump you to a detective, but he’s just out of the academy. What could he possibly know? It’s bull-sh*t. You can’t get it in a year and a half.”



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