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NYT reports that several Democrats are flipping to Republican in counties of border towns in Texas


USA- According to a report from the New York Times, for the first time, multiple elected officials in certain counties in Texas are opting to run as Republicans rather than as Democrats.

This is being coined as a “quiet political upheaval” across U.S. towns that border Mexico, fueled mostly by rising crime and constant waves of illegal immigration. In one particular community, Terrell County, a wave of Democrats are switching parties to join the GOP. The Times reported:

“First, the Democratic county judge said she would seek another term — as a Republican. Then the county clerk and the treasurer decided that they too would abandon the Democratic party, which has long held sway in local elections and run this year as Republicans.”

The report added:

“A county justice of the peace felt the urge to switch parties as well, but she did not want to disappoint her parents, who raised he as a Democrat … the transformation of local politics in Terrell County — a working-class border community of fewer than 1,000 people — provides an ominous signal for Texas Democrats: Conservative Hispanics are not only realigning in presidential elections, but also in contest much closer to home.”

The county’s elected officials’ shift to the GOP can more than likely be traced to President Joe Biden’s ongoing border crisis. In 2021, more than two million illegal immigrants arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border and more than 2.1 million are reportedly expected to arrive in 2022.

Border towns like Terrell County are reportedly footing the cost of illegal immigration and the death, despair, and destruction that often comes along with it. A rancher in Sanderson, Texas explained how a young male border-crosser was found dead in his 17,000-acre ranch in 2021.

According to reports, the county could not financially grapple with the rising number of dead border crossers found in their community. Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has allocated $8 million to the county to deal with illegal immigration.

In Starr County, Texas, where the Rio Grande separates Texas communities from Mexico, the Washington Post detailed how a wave of Republican voters are creating a similar political upheaval in the wake of former President Donald Trump’s massive gains. The Post reported:

“A turning point came in 2020 when President Donald Trump won 47 percent of the Starr County vote, up from 19 percent in 2016. About 6,000 more Republican voters suddenly appeared at the ballot box, even as the Democratic numbers remained roughly the same. In three neighboring counties of the Rio Grande Valley, the vote margin shifted toward the GOP by at least 10 percentage points.”

The report added:

“‘I have always measured my words because we have to live here,’ said Derric Leo Treviño, a 13th generation Texan running this year as a Republican for a Starr County justice of the peace seat. ‘It’s ingrained that we keep our politics to ourselves because they may fire your wife or your cousin. But Trump made it okay to admit you’re a Republican. He started the fire.’”

The Post wrote:

“A popular State House member, Ryan Guillen, flipped parties in November and picked up Trump’s endorsement in his bid for reelection. Trump has also endorsed Monica De La Cruzi, who is running for an open congressional seat previously held by a Democrat, which stretches north from the border to San Antonio. Republicans are hopeful that San Benito school board member Janie Lopez will be able to pick up another State House seat farther east, after the redrawing of district lines.”

Reportedly, Governor Abbott’s former campaign manager Wayne Hamilton, who now heads Project Red Texas, told the Post that record-high illegal immigration along the southern border as well as national Democrats’ shift toward a party that represents upper-middle-class interests over working-class grit is all part of the region’s realignment.

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