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Pennsylvania Department of Education Now Pushing Preferred Pronouns on Students and Claims ‘3-Year-Olds’ Can Identify as Transgender


Mental child abuse is coming to Pennsylvania classrooms to disturb your children with woke ideology.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDOE), children can identify themselves as transgender down to the tender age of 3-years-old, and the department recognizes the pronouns “ne, ve, ze/zie, and xe” that can be used.

The woke radical progressives inside the PDOE are attacking your children’s innocence. There is no need to do this in classrooms.

The woke supremacists are using false studies done by John Money, a New Zealand psychologist and sexologist, one of the first researchers to publish theories on the influence of societal constructs of gender on individual formation of gender identity.

In the mid-1960s, Money encouraged gender reassignment for David Reimer, who was born as a biological male and suffered irreparable damage to his penis as an infant due to a failed circumcision. Long story short, in adulthood, Reimer reported that he suffered psychological trauma due to Money’s experiments, which Money had used to justify sexual reassignment surgery for children with intersex or damaged genitals since the 1970s.

Reimer was an identical twin. For Money’s research, David’s twin brother, Brian, served as a perfect control because the twins had the same genetic makeup, except one was raised as a girl and the other as a boy. Money saw David and Brian for consultations and check-ups annually.

During these check-ups, Money forced the twins to rehearse sexual acts and inspect each other’s genitals. “On some occasions, Money would even photograph the twins doing these exercises. Money claimed that childhood sexual rehearsal play was important for healthy childhood sexual exploration.” What a sick pervert.

David said Money would get angry and verbally abuse the twins if they didn’t participate in the experiments.

NOTE: Some parts of this video could be disturbing to some people. Viewer discretion is advised.

Real science tells us that 3-year-olds do not have the mental capacity to decide what gender they want to be, yet public school employees are creating agendas behind the idea.

The PDOE website has a section called “Creating Gender-Inclusive Schools and Classrooms,” where teachers are encouraged to ask their students what their preferred pronouns are to prevent making inaccurate assumptions about their gender identities. Where in all of that is reading, writing, and math?

“In addition to the traditional pronouns (he/him, she/her, they), some people prefer to use gender-neutral pronouns, such as ne, ve, ze/zie and xe,” according to the website. “If you don’t know a student’s preferred personal pronoun, it’s always best to ask.”

This is madness. It’s cruel to force children into this ideology. It is based on the enabling of people who suffer from a mental disorder called gender dysphoria.

For those who still don’t want to play along, the education website also gives a definition of “binary gender” as the “faulty concept that there are only two genders: male and female.” Arguing that there are only two genders is now considered a “faulty concept” by the lunatics who have control over your children’s minds for 8 hours a day.

I’m two years shy of 60. When I was in the fourth grade, we had a teacher who told us that by the year 2000, there would be six genders in America. We were told that everything was going to happen in the year 2000. We were going to die from sun cancer, the Canadian seals would be extinct, and there would be six genders. My teacher was off by a number of years, but what she told us in the early 1970s came from the newsletters that were mailed out to all members of the teachers’ unions. I know this, because my mother was a member of a teachers’ union and she got the materials. Thankfully, Mom didn’t buy into it, but this nonsense started that many years ago.

From Pennsylvania’s Department of Education:


The definitions on the PDOE website were presented in a 2013 article by Carrie Kilman called “The Gender Spectrum,” where she claims that “some kids know their gender identities and birth sexes don’t match almost as soon as they begin to talk” and that kids are capable of identifying as gender-fluid as young as 3.

Folks, these people need to be stopped before they corrupt your children. They’re not going to be honest with you about their real agenda. This is pure political indoctrination. You pay their salaries in taxes. You have the right to opt your children out of being taught this craziness by radical left-wing activists who are posing as school teachers or to demand the people responsible lose their jobs. It’s your public schools, not theirs.


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