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Poll: Americans Don’t Like Anything Biden is Doing


Ah, public polling. Typically, the questions can be rejiggered to get just about any result the pollsters want. But, even with their ‘man behind the curtain’ abilities, media pollsters are still producing surveys that Democrats wish had never happened.

A new CBS poll showed that 2/3rds of the country are worried, frustrated or uneasy with Biden as president.

While no surprise to anyone that buys groceries, puts gas in a car, or needs baby formula, there are still that other 1/3rd that thinks things are just fine. Or… do they?

For the last six months, polling has shown that almost 40% still thought the economy was doing ok – not anymore.

Yeah, now only 30% think things are fine. I am pretty sure that group is on several strong anti-psychotics and, from what I can tell, they aren’t working.

Out of this new poll, there are some numbers that indicate how fed-up voters are with President Biden. Like, how many people think things are going badly?


So… only a quarter of those surveyed think things are going well. 6 Months to November Democrats… things are “going badly” according to this media poll.

Heck, more than half the country thinks Biden doesn’t really care about their problems.


But don’t take the graphics or my commentary as Gospel, check out the full survey below (it’s actually even worse than the article!



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