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Powerful “Misinformation Substacks” Scare Vaccinators


Everyone should read this tweet.

This person analyzed the most popular substacks. Mine is #6 among the orange-colored “anti-vax misinformation substacks”, thanks to you, my readers, for liking and sharing some of my posts.

The author notes that three authors were already banned from Twitter, implying that Twitter needs to ban the other ones, like me. Bring it on!

He also posted a cool “network diagram” of substacks, showing that, surprise surprise, we share great and loyal subscribers.

Another interesting observation of the author is that vaccine-skeptic substack posts tend to get a lot of comments, and spread more steadily on Twitter than other categories.

The reason for it is that many antivax posts are NOT about current events, but represent analysis that retains its meaning and value months later. For example, this three months old post of mine is still quoted a lot:

Covid, Vaccine, HIV and VAIDS — an Explanation

We know that when fact checkers say something, they sometimes are covering something up. But what? This article attempts to organize what I know so that we avoid misspeaking when talking about complicated matters. I usually do not like editing my articles more than a day after publishing, and my edits would only correct typos, calculation errors or add m…

Read more

3 months ago · 254 likes · 299 comments · Igor Chudov

Who are the other substackers? Most of them are brave people like Steve Kirsch, Dr Malone, El Gato, Jessica Rose, Dr Bridle etc who I admire, who get no career benefit from speaking the truth, and who cannot be bribed into silence.

We are powerful because of you, our readers. We would be languishing in obscurity without you. All we did was bring you — and us — together. Thank you.

This is why vaccinators are afraid of us. They cannot buy us.

Truth wins.


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