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Former police chief: Liberals ignore fact that countless existing gun laws are not prosecuted. It’s about control.



For all the bloviating Joe Biden, Congressional Democrats, and the leftist media to about gun crime, they ignore probably the most important factor…failure of the criminal justice system to do their job and prosecute gun crimes.

Liberals always focus on the instruments used but fail to focus on who is using those instruments. They automatically start screeching about gun control, “weapons of war,” “universal background checks,” and the lie that gun manufacturers are free from liability.

None of these factors in general have anything to do with the spate of gun violence. Thy always focus on legal gun owners while ignoring the fact that a majority of gun crimes involved firearms not purchased legally.

For example, according to a Department of Justice report, only two percent of criminals in possession of a firearm at the time of their crime purchased those guns from a gun store. Moreover, we continuously hear about the so-called “gun show loophole,” yet according to the DOJ, only 0.8% of criminals got their firearms at a gun show.

The New York Post reports that the shooter in Uvalde, Texas, who gunned down nineteen children and two teachers at an elementary school in that community, bought his guns from a licensed retailer, clearly a statistical outlier. In addition, the shooter underwent a background check, which he passed. What makes liberals think that making background checks “universal” across the US would have a different outcome?

As the Post reports, firearms obtained at gun shows or purchased from licensed gun dealers are statistically non-factors in shootings across the U.S.

So what of those criminals who are arrested for gun crimes? Statistically, a majority of crime in the U.S. is committed by recidivist criminals. Statistics show that inmates in state custody average ten arrests and five convictions on their rap sheets. When we talk about violent crime, however—murder in particular—most of those are committed by experienced criminals with long arrest records.

Take New York City, for example. Over 80 percent of those arrested for murder in the Big Apple have prior arrest records, as do about 80 percent of the victims. That would seem to indicate gang affiliations. The Post notes most of these criminals have at least one prior conviction, and in a number of cases, a prior conviction for a violent crime.

In the Windy City of Chicago, 87 percent of killers have police records, with an average of twelve prior arrests by the time they are nabbed for murder. Meanwhile in Baltimore, the average killer has 9.3 prior arrests, while a third of the murderers are on probation when they commit their killings.

With that in mind, one might think that these cities have a rather robust rate of incarceration for gun crimes, right? Wrong.

In New York, for instance, the NYPD Lieutenant’s Benevolent Association said earlier this year that based on NYPD data, police in the Big Apple arrested 4,456 people on gun charges last year. Prosecutors dismissed over one-fourth, dismissing 1,200 cases out-of-hand, out right refusing to prosecute them.

At the end of the year, 1,784 cases remained open, however out of that number, only 711 resulted in a criminal conviction, or around sixteen percent, taken care of for the most part in plea deals, with only one conviction resulting from a criminal trial.

So here you have politicians, including New York Gov. Kathy Hochul railing about gun crime and threatening to implement more draconian gun control measures, yet in the largest city in the country, only one person was convicted at trial on gun charges. But let’s punish legal gun owners. The above statistic was slammed by the NYPD lieutenant’s union.

“You tell me where they’re taking gun violence seriously,” said LBA president Lou Turco.

If it were only New York City that would be one thing, however that is hardly the case. About 100 or so miles southwest lies Philadelphia, home of incompetent far-left district attorney Larry Krasner.

In Philly, a criminal is twice as likely to have his gun case dismissed there as they were six years ago. According to Krasner’s office, only 30 percent of gun cases were dismissed or withdrawn back in 2016, however under Krasner, that number has doubled to 60 percent.

These aren’t minor crimes…they are specifically gun crimes. In 2016, gun cases ended up either in a guilty plea or court conviction, however by last year, that number declined to 36 percent.

In other words, if you’re scumbag in Philadelphia actually charged with a gun crime in Philly, you have a two-out-of-three chance of walking out the door a free man. Conversely six years ago, you would likely be convicted.

The common denominator in New York and Philadelphia? They are both run by Democrats. That is also the case in Chicago, long considered the murder and crime capital of the US. Now, the Chicago Police Department is doing their job—according to the Post, they seize a lot of guns.

According to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, run by another far-leftist Kim Foxx, they make a priority out of gun cases. Despite those claims however, the number of gun offenders who actually go to jail in the Windy City is declining.

Five measly years ago, 71 percent of criminals convicted in Cook County of Class 4 felony firearms possession were sent up the river and incarcerated. Only two years later, that number nosedived to 35 percent. As with Philadelphia, dirtbags arrested for gun crimes in Cook County have a two-out-of-three chance of avoiding jail. That statistic comes from the Center for Criminal Justice Research, Policy and Practice at Loyola (CCJRPP).

So, while Illinois makes it a nightmare for federal firearms dealers and their customers to conduct legal transactions—otherwise known as legal gun owners—the state has made existing gun laws virtually impotent due to failure to prosecute gun crimes and making more offenders eligible for probation instead of jail time, the Post  reports.

As with New York City, an overwhelming majority—over 80 percent of those arrested on gun charges—had a prior criminal arrest, with between one-half to two-thirds of them for violent crimes, according to CCJRPP. Out of that number, half had previously been convicted of a felony, with 25 percent of those being violent felonies.

In Illinois, the clearance rate for gun crimes not including murder is under 33 percent, which compared to some other jurisdictions shockingly isn’t that bad.

Surely the feds are doing much better, right? Not so much. In the United States, any felon arrested with a firearm is guilty of a felony under federal law, with a felon-in-possession charge carrying a potential 10-year prison sentence.

However the results bely those threatened sentences. In practice, very few felons with guns serve ten years in prison because the feds rarely prosecute such cases unless the arresting agency is federal. Statistically, only between 6,000 to 7,000 of such cases are prosecuted federally every year, which amounts to about half the number of illegal guns removed from Chicago streets in a given year.

Things are not much better in Texas, albeit again in a Democrat-run city, this time Houston. In that city, 113 of 407 people arrested on capital murder charges between 2016 and 2021 were set free on bail, with 27 percent of that number being arrested for another crime while they were out on bail awaiting their capital murder trials.

Now to be sure, some licensed gun dealers do occasionally get caught committing crimes, most often so-called “straw buying.” In essence, that is when someone with a clean record makes a firearm purchase for someone who is not legally capable of doing so. Now one might think that since Congressional Democrats moan and whine about such practices, they are aggressively prosecuted, correct? They are not, either in local or federal jurisdictions.

For the ten-year period between 2007 and 2017, Chicago made 27,000 arrests for illegal possession of a firearm, however only 142 arrests for illegal gun sales, including straw buying, over the course of that entire decade.

For all the whining, bellyaching, and grousing Democrats engage in about the spate of gun violence in the country, they are looking in the wrong direction. This isn’t about the NRA, AR-15s, 9mm handguns or law-abiding Americans. This is about DAs such as Krasner, Foxx, Gascon and dozens of others failing to do their jobs.

Looking for firearms reform? How about prosecution reform? And how about holding habitual criminals responsible for their crimes and putting them in jail where they belong?


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