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Raging on in Kyiv – Granite Grok


It has been about three weeks since the first salvos in the recent outbreak of kinetic warfare in Ukraine. The crisis has dramatically captured attention from people all over the planet and successfully diverted criticism from the collapse of the coronavirus project.

Governments that had been tyrannically abusing their people now have a foreign currency issue to posture over. We should keep several things in mind when approaching the topic of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

First and foremost, Ukraine is historically a Soviet country, and there are deep cultural ties between Moscow and Kyiv and between the two countries of these capital cities. The people of the two countries all mostly speak the same language— Russian.

Keeping in mind that the Ukrainian president is an actor and a comedian, we should in the West be very wary of everything that he says and does. There is no doubt that the man has a very sophisticated understanding of theater and entertainment and how to manipulate an audience.

The backstory to the current outburst of violence is long and intricate, but suffice it to say that Kyiv has been a political CenterPoint in the tension between Russia and Europe, and Russia and the West— meaning the EU/US bloc or NATO, as it may be characterized.

The city of Kyiv has been in a state of war for a very long time— decades. This war had not been a kinetic war. It was a war of intelligence, popularity, and power. Consecutive Ukrainian governments have been put in place since its independence from the USSR that have not really represented the Ukrainian people so far as they have been tools of Western or Russian political power.

It seemed at first that Zelenskyy favored the West, but it is increasingly apparent that he is playing both sides, attempting only to stay alive as NATO and Russia clash. The Ukrainian president is very much aware of the costs of war, and peace is merely a tool for him.

International defense and arms corporations are having a veritable field day in Ukraine. They are drooling at the prospect of all of the spent ammunition and the damaged and destroyed machinery that will cost millions of dollars to replace. Dollars that will pad their own pockets. In this sense, Zelenskyy is doing a favor for global capitalists.

He is permitting his own country to be wrecked and his citizens to be abused to make a buck for foreign merchants of destruction and death.

That is why it is increasingly evident that Zelenskyy, Putin, Biden and the Democrats, and many others in positions of power are very content to let the conflict simmer. The Russian leadership has called the war a “special operation.”

It seems the purpose of the operation is not to achieve a swift and decisive victory.

Instead, it is to spend money to enrich a handful of companies. It is also a political wedge issue that intentionally divides to allow politicians to adopt positions and sway public opinion. It takes an evil and sadistic powerbroker to push for an agenda like this. That is the kind of people who run NATO, the UN, and the Biden administration. They are interested in elevating their own power and nothing else.

It is not unlike the coronavirus project. Human life was similarly cast to the wayside in that globally coordinated effort. While all public-facing politicians continually called for citizens to mask up and get vaxxed “for the common good,” that was a deceptive effort. Masking does not improve personal health, and the vaccines were all rushed through trials to the effect that they were deemed in many countries to be more dangerous than simply acquiring natural immunity via exposure to the virus.

Both the war in Ukraine and the coronavirus project are projects aimed to kill people. They were engineered to this effect by a cadre of international corporatists and politicians who sincerely believe that forced depopulation is the way to go. As if incentivizing people to have fewer babies and waiting for natural depopulation is too complex, these people are cynical, stigmatized, myopic and hellbent on immediate personal satisfaction. They care nothing for future generations. Many of them do not have children of their own. Those that do have the most twisted and sick family lives.

Modern technology makes their particular brand of mental illness more acute. Today, everything in our human society has been oriented towards maximizing human pleasure in the immediate. Television, mobile technology, the internet— it is all focused on a faster and more efficient flow of information.

There was 3G, 4G, and 5G, and the people running these companies think they can keep ramping up the sophistication and speed when the technologies they are working with are very close to the fastest possible, short of instantaneous telepathy. A radically different worldview is required to save the planet from this group of insane and demented morons.

Tolerance, patience, compassion, and contemplation are laughable ideas to these maniacs who currently sit in offices of the highest power all over the planet. These people are ill, demented, and mentally unstable. They lack an understanding of basic human decency.

The crisis unfolding in Kyiv is a direct product of this issue.



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