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RIP: CBS NEWS (1927-2022)


The decline and fall of CBS News has been something to watch in recent years. The network was founded in 1927, and just recently passed away from pure stupidity.

The exact cause of the illness that finally brought down CBS News was the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Here’s CBS News in 2020 telling its audience that the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop isn’t real — it’s disinformation.

The 60 Minutes anchor Lesley Stahl was briefly released from the Dan Rather Rest Home for Disgraced Journalists to interview President Trump in the run-up to the 2020 election. Stahl spent her time during the interview gaslighting the American public about the laptop. (She also insisted that the Obama administration did not spy on the Trump campaign.) Thankfully, Leslie Stahl seems to have embraced a new career — as a writer of crappy books on what a fantastic grandmother she happens to be!

It must be true because even Jeffrey Epstein’s pal Charlie Rose did a blurb for the book — and you know how those guys felt about grandchildren.

I was a personal witness to CBS News reporters serving up pure baloney to their audience of nursing home patients back in 2020 — because their tent was literally next to mine on the White House lawn.

It was an open secret at the time why CBS News — and the rest of the major corporate media outlets — tried to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story. It was well known that Obama/Biden political operatives had warned the big media outlets that anyone who reported the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop would be frozen out by the Biden Administration (if he won).

In other words, CBS News protected the Bidens — and sold out its remaining viewers.

Two years later — and two years too late — the network has now changed its tune because it doesn’t matter anymore.

How can you not laugh at CBS? It has to flip-flop on the laptop prior to the start of Republican investigations — which they admit in the story. CBS News correspondent Catherine Herridge is so late to this party that she might as well be the maid from housekeeping.

Notice that there’s no explanation and no apology to its viewers because there’s no accountability in the legacy broadcast media now. They know they’re Obama/Biden regime propagandists, and they don’t care that you know too.

That’s why when CBS News announced that the media outlet was “pausing its activities” on Twitter due to “security concerns” after Elon Musk’s takeover — and then “unpaused” after 48 hours — it brought forth a wave of ridicule across the world that must have shaken the network to its foundations.

This is what a crisis of credibility looks like.

It’s a crisis that you can see for yourself too. The network claims to have 8.8 million followers on Twitter — and yet none of its posts in the last few days could manage more than 200 “likes.” (The vast majority of them didn’t reach 40 “likes.”) It seems there’s nobody getting their news from CBS News — at least on social media — and the outlet’s target audience of 108 year-olds is not exactly a demographic with a future.

So, rest in peace CBS News.

Who’s the only reporter in the world to ask Dr. Fauci why he funded the Wuhan Lab of Virology? Who was the first reporter to confront Jen Psaki about Hunter Biden and his Chinese investments? Who asked President Trump when he would stop the NIH’s funding of the Wuhan Lab in April 2020 — a year before any other media outlet?


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