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Sharing My Articles Gets You Banned On Twitter!


The days of Facebook and Twitter ruling the earth are numbered. As most people know, Facebook is basically a preserve for senior citizens to post their cat pictures. The younger generations shun it and prefer TikTok or Instagram. Much like broadcast cable, Facebook’s best days are behind it now.

The Great Decline of the first-generation social media monooplies has begun.

The same thing is happening to Twitter — a platform that’s now being run by an Indian immigrant who can barely speak English, and who dislikes the idea of free speech in his adopted country. It might be too late to deport Parag Agrawal, but it’s never too late to abandon any company foolish enough to employ people like Parag Agrawal.

That’s exactly what people are doing. Facebook’s user growth just dropped for the first time in 18 years — a surprising development that wiped 20% off the stock value of its parent company Meta instantly.

Meanwhile, Twitter just banned The Babylon Bee — a humor site. It’s still banning anti-vaccine tweets as if we’re all still living in early 2021. It’s increasingly hostile to any accurate information — and increasingly friendly to outright lies and misinformation.

In another year, Twitter will be a ghetto for Big Pharma trolls and washed up progressive candidates — the kind of place where everyone keeps telling you that they just caught COVID again and so it’s time to get your fourth booster shot! It will be a place only for people who really believe that Jen Psaki, Barack Obama, Klaus Schwab, and Hillary Clinton caught COVID at the same time.

In other words, a place for nobody at all.

So insane are Twitter’s rules now that simply sharing my articles is enough to get you suspended.

This is not an isolated incident.

In fact, Twitter doesn’t just want to ban conservative people from its platform — it wants to ban the journalism of certain conservative people even when they are shared by other people.

That’s the highest compliment that the Big Tech overlords can pay me.

Banned Journalists Are The Best Journalists!

Who held the Biden Administration to account for its corruption ever day like me?

Who got banned from Twitter for reporting on the deadly vaccines that don’t work?

Independent and fearless journalists need your support like never before. I need your support like never before.

The corporate media is completely corrupt. They just got exposed for taking the Biden regime’s money to push the deadly vaccines on your family without disclosing it! There’s a word for that — and the word is: propaganda.

If we are going to survive the current regime then we must stand together.


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