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More trouble: Sheriff who failed to disclose he was tried for murder – may have been a violent repeat offender


PHILADELPHIA, PA – Ninety-nine Problems, but telling the truth apparently is not one of them.

Current Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony is no stranger to the pages of Law Enforcement Today. Very few of the pieces we have run on him have been positive.

Most allude to the allegations of misconduct and corruption. Now, his past his coming back to rear its ugly head. New details are emerging from his time growing up in Philadelphia. A stabbing victim claimed that Tony was present when he was attacked.

The sheriff recently went through a panel hearing by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as they determine whether his past transgressions of failing to disclose past criminal activity and arrests as well as being accused of lying on multiple state documents, are enough to strip him of all state law enforcement certifications.

Turns out, it could be.

Tony still has the ability to request a full panel hearing in hopes of being found innocent of wrongdoing. But recent revelations shared with the commission may leave him facing a very real possibility of Governor Ron DeSantis removing him from office.

Should that occur, Tony would be the second consecutive Broward County Sheriff to be removed by the governor.

One of the documents that the panel pointed to in their decision included the sworn affidavit he signed as part of his application process where he claimed he never had a criminal record sealed or expunged. Turned out that was a lie.

As a 14-year-old, he shot and killed a man.

In that 1993 case, Tony claimed he killed him in self-defense and was acquitted in juvenile court, where records of the case were sealed, according to a Philadelphia police report.

“When I was 14 years old, growing up in a dangerous neighborhood in North Philadelphia known as the Badlands, filled with gun violence, drugs and gang activity, I had to shoot an armed man in self-defense.

The juvenile justice system reviewed my actions and concluded there was no crime and cleared my name,” Tony said, according to RedBroward. 

Tony’s account of the shooting was disputed by the victim’s girlfriend, who said he was unarmed, and the shooting came about after an argument between he and Tony.

She and other witnesses claimed that Hector “Chino” Rodriguez was unarmed, and that Tony shot him multiple times, including two shots to the back of the head.

To complicate Tony’s story further, another man was in the hospital where Rodriguez was taken for treatment before he died.

Turns out, Tito Castillo claims that he was stabbed by a drug dealer named Jackie Davis.

According to an 89-page document that the FDLE has in their possession, Philadelphia Homicide detectives interviewed Castillo.

He claimed that Davids attacked him over an alleged drug-related debt.

When asked why Davis stabbed him, he said:

“Because he said that I have $20 of his. I don’t have $20 of his.”

This led to a further line of questioning regarding Rodriguez and Tony.

Detectives asked if he knew either man.

He said that he had known Rogriguez for six years and Tony for five.

Police asked if Tony was friends with Davis.

“Yes, he is.” 

The questions continued. Did Tony or Rodriguez witness Davis stab Castillo?

“Yes. They were both there.”

So, just a few hours before Gregory Tony shot and killed Rodriguez, he was allegedly at the scene of another violent crime.

RedBroward is asking the same questions that many Broward County residents are asking about their sheriff in the midst of possibly being removed from office over numerous allegations of fraud, corruption and bid-fixing.

“Did Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony have any involvement in drug trafficking in the Philadelphia ‘Badlands’ in the early 1990s?

Did Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony accompany Jackie Davis to collect a drug debt from Tito Castillo?

Did Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony witness Jackie Davis stab Tito Castillo over a $20 drug debt?

Was Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony a close friend or associate of Jackie Davis?”

The people have the right to know if their sheriff has a past that includes drug dealing and murder. Law Enforcement today will continue to follow this story and provide updates as they become available.


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