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She’s trying to ‘dismantle the security of our country’: Sheriffs vote ‘No Confidence’ on ‘Border Czar’ Harris


LARAMIE, WY –  The Western Sheriffs Association is calling on President Biden to remove Vice President Kamala Harris as his representative handling immigration problems at the southern border, issuing a “no confidence” vote in the Vice President’s ability to manage the crisis.

The Association said the Vice President has failed in her responsibilities to secure the border. In a the resolution, the Association wrote:

“Since her appointment, we have seen her policies enacted that are focused on her personal and political ideologies that only serve to dismantle the security of our country and the enforcement efforts of the hard-working federal officers assigned to an extremely difficult task.

“We call on President Joe Biden to take the appropriate steps to remove Vice President Kamala Harris from her leadership position and appoint a new leader who can recognize, respect, and enforce the rule of law for the safety and security of our nation,” added the group that represents 17 states west of the Mississippi River.”

In March 2021, President Biden tapped Vice President Harris to lead the White House effort to tackle the migration challenge at the U.S. southern border and work with Central American nations to address the root causes of the problem.

Announcing the appointment, Biden said:

“I can think of nobody who is better qualified to do this. When she speaks, she speaks for me. She doesn’t have to check with me.”

Since her appointment, she has rarely visited the border and has been absent during border crisis incidents. There is little indication the Vice President has any interest in immigration or border operations.

The Western Sheriffs Association said the Biden administration is failing in its duty to control the border and stem the flow of drugs and human trafficking into the United States:

“Sheriffs are concerned about the challenges created by the current illegal immigration crisis. The singular focus on the humanitarian effort for those that have entered our country illegally is a distraction engineered to further the goals of the criminal enterprises.

“Current border security measures have little effect on the smuggling and trafficking of humans, contraband, and illegal drugs moving across our borders, forcing local law enforcement to prepare for and respond to the continuing threats of violence, drug smuggling, and exploitation.

“This situation, aggravated by transnational criminals who facilitate and often accompany the movement of illegal immigrants, causes great concern for sheriffs. With little to no information, financial assistance, or physical support from the federal government, sheriffs are struggling to understand the threats and risks to their counties.”

The surge of border crossers entering the United States answering the calls for leniency by the Biden administration and many Democrats, has overwhelmed the efforts of immigration officials and border agents.

The Association said they were hopeful that the President’s appointment of the Vice President as border czar would help them coordinate with the federal government to ease the crisis, but that Kamala Harris has failed in her mission:

“Today we are witnessing a complete and total breakdown of policies compared to past years.

“After witnessing this disaster over the past year and listening to the continued rhetoric and intellectual dishonesty from Vice President Harris, the Western Sheriffs’ Association, and its membership must emphatically state our position of having NO confidence in the ability of Vice President Kamala Harris and her leadership.

“America’s sheriffs have watched in disbelief as the southern border has turned into an invisible line in the sand.”

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