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Six West Point Cadets Overdose on Fentanyl-Laced Cocaine During Florida Spring Break


Six West Point cadets spring break in Florida overdosed on fentanyl-laced cocaine in a horrific incident. Reports indicate two of them are in critical condition.

Paramedics responded to a short-term Airbnb rental home Thursday in Wilton Manors and found the six cadets in cardiac arrest from a drug overdose, according to The Orlando Sun-Sentinel.

Two of the victims remained in critical condition Friday, Wilton Manors police confirmed to The Post. At least one of the victims was treated and released, according to NBC Miami.

The group — all men in their early 20s — were in town to celebrate spring break from the US Military Academy at West Point in New York, officials said.

Not all of the cadets were using drugs. Two overdosed while “performing life-saving measures.”

Fort Lauderdale Fire Department Battalion Chief Steve Gollan told Local10 that two of the people who overdosed were sickened because they tried to perform CPR on the initial four overdose victims. He said the opioid-overdose-reversing drug naloxone, which is sold under the brand name Narcan, was administered to revive the victims.

Neighbors described seeing the spring breakers being carried out of the rental home crowded with young vacationers.

‘We saw paramedics pulling the kids out of the house, unconscious, just laying them on the grass,’ Dana Fumosa, who lives a few doors down, told NBC6.

Four of the patients were taken to Broward Health Medical Center, and the remaining two were transported to Holy Cross Hospital.

By Friday, one of the patients had been released from the hospital, two remained in critical condition after being intubated, and three were in stable condition.

I pray for the full recovery of these young men. My heart is breaking for their families and this country.

The motto of West Point is “Duty. Honor. Country“. Unfortunately, it appears that at least four cadets forgot it was not honorable to ignore duty and break the laws of this county by using illegal drugs. However, in a “woke” military that values diversity and social justice over military readiness and discipline, perhaps this is the new normal we can expect from our elite military academies?

But beyond the overdose emergency, this situation underscores severe problems that have gone under the radar amid all the other crises that have struck the nation and further exacerbated by the Biden administration.

To begin with, the most significant threats to this nation’s security come ultimately from China, not Russia. China is the biggest supplier of the components used to synthesize fentanyl.

The deadliest issue in the U.S.-China relationship right now isn’t the potential for military conflict over Taiwan, but the thousands of overdose deaths in the U.S. each year from illicit fentanyl made from Chinese raw materials.

China’s reluctance to tighten controls on chemical production and exports has spurred a clash with U.S. legislators, and will be the focus of a long-awaited report this week on its role in fueling the flow of drugs that Mexican cartels process into synthetic opioid fentanyl.

The report from the Commission on Combating Synthetic Opioid Trafficking, to be released Tuesday, must also contend with Beijing’s politicizing of counternarcotics cooperation, which has stymied efforts to reduce the supply of fentanyl and related chemicals flooding U.S. streets.

In a nutshell: China just took down at least four future US Army officers without firing a shot.

Next, Team Biden’s epic failure on the border means more fentanyl and other drugs and medications laced with it are pouring over the border, further threatening the men and women in the age bracket most useful to defend this country.

…Gov. Greg Abbott is blasting the administration at nearly every campaign speech for not doing more.

On Thursday, Abbott, a Republican running for a third term in office, spoke to a conservative group in Washington, D.C., and later to law enforcement on the Texas border and accused Biden of ignoring the problem.

“I don’t know if the Biden administration even cares about it,” Abbott said in Weslaco near the Mexico border. “The president of the United States is doing nothing about it.”

Abbott says Texas law enforcement deserves the credit, after seizing more than 1,300 pounds of fentanyl in the last year.

“Texas is having to step up and do the federal government’s job,” he said at the forum hosted by the Heritage Foundation.

Hopefully, the magnitude of today’s emergency will drill into young minds the dangers of fentanyl, which has a very narrow dose range between desired effects and death. The tragedy may also underscore the lacing of other drugs with this potentially lethal substance.

In terms of the other points: I don’t see the occupant of the Oval Office or his VP making decisions regarding China or the border that will alleviate the problem.

In conclusion: I recommend that our military leaders take a break from their “Critical Race Theory” reading and start promoting more discipline and an awareness that drugs must be viewed as a Chinese weapon by the men and women of our military.


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