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The FBI Raids Mar-a-Lago: What We Know


Welcome to Day 565 of the Banana Republic of Biden! The country where former presidents get their homes raided by FBI agents for misplaced souvenirs while the Secret Service protects Hunter Biden in a rented mansion in Malibu!

Miranda Devine’s piece yesterday in the New York Post contains several important clues regarding the FBI raid on President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate.

President Trump kept 15 boxes of memorabilia from his first term in the White House in a basement storage room.

According to Miranda Devine:

The boxes contain documents and mementos from Trump’s presidency, reportedly including letters from Barack Obama and Kim Jong Un, and other correspondence with world leaders.

A legal source said that the boxes had been packed up by the General Services Administration and shipped to Mar-a-Lago when Trump left office in January 2020.

That’s right, folks: the federal government itself (GSA) had collected and shipped these boxes of signed autographs and keepsakes to President Trump in January.

Four months later, the FBI was already harassing President Trump about these boxes that were shipped to him by the federal government in January:

In May, [Trump attorney] Corcoran granted access into Mar-a-Lago’s windowless storage room to FBI agents who spent several hours searching through the boxes. Trump stopped by the basement to say hello at one point, says someone who was there.

You got that? The FBI already looked through these 15 boxes of autographs three months ago.

So why did thirty FBI agents show up at Mar-A-Lago and spend nine hours — with a professional safe-cracker in tow no less! — breaking open Trump’s personal safe and searching though the First Lady’s wardrobe closet? Why did they demand that all surveillance equipment be disabled inside the property?

The FBI was authorized to secure 15 boxes of White House knicknacks. Instead, those agents conducted what’s called a fishing expedition. You don’t need the surveillance cameras turned off at Mar-A-Lago if you’re picking up a few boxes.

The New York Times has already generously provided us with an explanation of the legal strategy that the Biden regime will probably employ to stop President Trump from winning the 2024 election: Trump broke the law by keeping some memorabilia that we shipped to him and now he can’t run for office!

The chances that the Biden regime are going to invoke “Section 2071 of Title 18” of the criminal code against President Trump are very high. These are, after all, the same corrupt morons who hysterically about “the 25th amendment” and “the emoluments clause” during the Trump Administration and

What makes this situation even more outrageous is that the FBI obtained the search warrant from a judge who was once the defense attorney for convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s entourage. Judge Bruce Reinhart is notorious for quitting his job as a federal prosecutor in the middle of the Jeffrey Epstein case to become the defense attorney for Jeffrey Epstein’s pilots and secretaries.

I don’t know about you, but that’s the biggest of big red flags. Jeffrey Epstein was running a pedophile honeypot operation to entrap politicians and influential people for thirty years inside the United States — and multiple administrations did their best to cover for him.

In other words, the FBI raid is not just outrageous and blatantly illegal.

It’s a set-up — using the same people who allowed a vast pedophile sex trafficking ring to operate in the United States in plain sight.

They’re going to arrest President Trump.


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