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The Sky Is Falling but the Government Is Here to Help. Is It?


The climate changes but the political movement that seeks to address climate change couldn’t care less. They can’t predict it and even if it were real could never do a thing about it. But they can and do scare the crap out of people which is the only true goal.

Climate change is about economic control. State power. And what does the State want to do? Make itself big and rich and impenetrable. COVID policy was a high step in that direction. If they’d realized this 40 years ago they’d have ditched the Grateful Dead and faked a pandemic instead of wasting all this time and money on Global warming.

Of course, it may not have worked then. It might be that the generations raised under the cloud of emissions armageddon were the ones they were waiting for. A perfect storm of patsies willing to listen to follow chicken’s little.

The sky is falling but hey, the government is here to help. Is it?

Over in the UK, where they’ve been working longer and harder on destroying the legacy of Magna Carta and all that, 45 percent of “young people” worry about climate change. Many of them are uncertain about the future to such a degree they don’t want to have children.

I’m not sure I’d want that sort of person raising a new generation of serfs but doesn’t that just play into the goals of the overpopulation crowd? And it gets better at least for the ruling elite.

One young woman is so distressed about the plastic used on food packaging. She feels compelled to use food that’s not pre-packaged to save the planet but appears incapable or unwilling to embrace the time and energy needed to prepare food that’s not pre-packaged.

She is a product of public education and life trapped in a noise machine forever advertising not just a fake problem but its fake solution whose product is a form of mental illness.  She has an eating disorder. One that could kill her. And the climate lie is to blame.

It’s child abuse. A form of brainwashing that produces useless young adults who feel trapped and unable to cope.

The response by the government? Taxpayer-funded therapists. Bigger, more powerful, more intrusive, more expensive government.

And what will they counsel? The government line. So this young woman, and everyone like her, is doomed to a life of anxiety and dependence, in a world of crime and subsistence if not impoverished living by design.

And they say freedom is messy.



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