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The Tweets That Got Me Banned From Twitter


More than four months after I was permanently banned from Twitter, it seemed like a good idea to review the tweets that got me banned for “misleading” content to see how they were aging. According to Twitter, I was banned for multiple violations. There’s a process apparently. Except in my case, there wasn’t any process. Twitter just suddenly slapped a warning label on several of my older tweets about the vaccines that had previously had no label at all —a sort of “after the fact” practice to justify their permanent ban.

Let’s review them — shall we?

Where’s the lie?

Big Tech maintains a policy that anyone who reports that mRNA vaccines alter DNA is spreading misinformation. Well, they maintain that policy for journalists — but not for Big Tech oligarchs. No less an authority on misinformation than Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told his own employees that the vaccines alter human DNA in a video from 2020 (that was leaked in early 2021):

The defamation lawyers will have a field day with this one. Twitter’s policy is simply Orwellian: Zuckerberg can tell you the truth but I can’t.

How about this one? Misleading how? I guess the Indian programmers at Twitter don’t read Fed Week.

Of course, when Left-wing journalists can’t kill the story by screaming that you’re “a conspiracy theorist” they sometimes take your research and claim it as their own a year later!

I Need Your Support!

Who held the Biden Administration to account for its corruption ever day like me?

Independent and fearless journalists need your support like never before.

The corporate media is completely corrupt. They just got exposed for taking the Biden regime’s money to push the deadly vaccines on your family without disclosing it! There’s a word for that — and the word is: propaganda.

If we are going to survive the current regime then we must stand together.


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